3 Ways to Avoid Losing Your Hair

Losing your hair all of a sudden can be a distressing experience for both men and women. Yet, it is unfortunately very common and can be caused by a variety of conditions, genetics and other reasons.

The most important thing to start with is to try and find out why you are losing your hair. Perhaps it is products that you have been using or you may have a condition or hormonal change that means your hair is thinning or falling out. If you are in doubt, you can always visit your doctor.

But, there may be a few things that you can do to avoid losing your hair. We are going to have a look at three of these options to see what you can do today.

Switch Hair Products

There is a small chance that the hair products you are currently using could be contributing to the hair loss you are experiencing. Some styling products, such as hair gels, can contain nasty chemicals that are doing more harm than good to the scalp.

They can have a blocked effect and mean the hair follicles are blocked. This can mean that hair is not able to grow healthily like it used to. So, the best way to avoid this from happening is by switching to other products that are well-known on the market.

Consider a Hair Transplant

If you have noticed your hair starting to thin or even small bald patches, it may be time to bite the bullet. The worst thing you can do at this point is to ignore it. A lot of men and women are choosing to have a hair transplant as this is a simple and one-time treatment that is going to combat hair loss once and for all.

Melbourne hair transplant experts such as New Hair Clinic can use a donor graft to allow hair to grow in the spots that you want again. It is a permanent solution to the problem and after around 12 months you will see the full effects. After that, the hair continues to grow and all you have to do is care for the hair just like your natural hair! For a professional, a hair transplant normally takes around four to six hours and this involves using donor follicles and inserting them into the balding area. Since it is a one-time treatment, there is no need to go back and you are all sorted for life.

Have a Cold Shower

With this one we don’t literally mean a cold shower; what we meant to say is make sure that your shower is not too hot. Hot water is not said to cause hair loss in the way people may think but a hot shower can affect the scalp. There are a lot of natural oils that the scalp needs and by using hot water, this can be destroyed and lead to inflammation. It is this inflammation that may be linked to the thinning of the hair and eventual balding. So, be sure to turn the temperature right down!

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