A Guide to Oil Slick Hair

Nowadays, the oil slick hair trend is gaining more ground as more individuals are trying it. Whether you have black locks or brunette, this amazing hair trend could play a key role in accentuating your overall look. 

What is oil stick hair? Why should you join the trend? How can you style it? These are some of the questions that this article will answer.

What is oil slick hair?

Oil slick hair refers to a hairstyle in which darker hair is covered with a combination of dark blue, purple, and green tones. When done correctly, oil slick hair will offer the hair a shimmery and beautiful look. This style creates dark roots with colourful lighting.

Generally, if you think your dark hair is boring and want to add some life to it, you should consider oil slick hair. This trend alters the overall look of your hair with awesome colours and an eye-catching backdrop.

Oil slick hair is not a boring trend that follows a single style. In other words, you can style it in numerous ways as long as it suits your taste. Here are some of the ways to style oil slick hair:

  • Beachy waves
  • Pigtail braids
  • Wet hair look

Some important tips about oil slick hair

If you want to rock the oil slick hair trend, it is crucial to note some important tips. The tips include:

  • Make sure it is well maintained

If you want to get the most out of oil slick hair, you need to master how to maintain it. The first maintenance tip is that you must change your hair care routine to suit the new hairstyle. Also, you should choose hair products that are particular formulated for colour-treated hair. Such products are safer and more effective at maintaining oil slick hair than regular hair care products. Notably, there are numerous colour-treated hair products in the market, so getting one shouldn’t be difficult for you.

  • Experiment with your hair

One of the most beautiful things about oil slick hair is that it offers you various possibilities. You can try out different designs and colour variations. Also, you can experiment with clip-in extensions to see how you can style your oil slick hair. 

Before experimenting with it, you are advised to consult your hairstylist. Additionally, you can check out the pictures of people that have tried out a similar style in the past.

  • Ensure it shines

To make your oil slick hair look great, it must shine. Therefore, you must invest your time and effort into shampooing and conditioning your oil slick hair. Afterwards, you should not hesitate to rinse it with cool water. Then, you need to use bristle brushes to bring out the beauty in your hair. Some drops of oil can perform wonders for dry or dull hair.

With this guide, you now understand what oil slick hair is and how you can rock this hairstyle.

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