Best Barber Shops You’ll Find in Chicago

When you are on a search for a new and better barber shop, seriously think about what features you are looking for. Everyone has different priorities, and following are some of what is extremely important to you and some that are nice to have along with a haircut and/or a shave:

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Top-Quality Grooming Services

Having exceptional hair grooming services is the number one desire. A barber who has a loyal following for years is a prime candidate, and a great deal of the business comes from repeat customers and those who decide to try the shop after it has been recommended.

Devotion to Customer Service

Taking customers promptly is a big advantage as many people may be on their lunch hours or between business appointments and don’t have time to waste. An online reservation system is very convenient.

Experience with All Grooming Services

The most talented barbers will have a long and varied experience with haircuts, shaves, beard trims or shaping, mustache or sideburn trims, hair and beard gray coverage coloring, manicures, pedicures, and more. Those are tailored to each individual depending on the customer’s hair, facial shape and other features, the person’s lifestyle, and the look that is desired.

Best Tools

The barber will also have excellent barbering tools that will accomplish the tasks successfully.

Enjoyable Environment

The best salons will provide a distinctively unique relaxing atmosphere and pleasant conversation with a barber who has a very pleasant personality and the ability to listen attentively to the customer.

Leading Grooming Supplies

High-quality barbering products include beautifully designed and comfortable shaving razors including those that mimic a traditional straight razor that never needs sharpening or stropping, super cut shears for a superb cutting performance, the finest badger bristled handmade brushes, trimmers for clean-up and designing work, shave soaps with genuine Ethiopian sandalwood, shaving creams and balms with organic and natural ingredients, a Hot Lather Machine with two different lather nozzles for either cream or gel, manicure kits, combs and hairbrushes, and bath, body and Beard Grooming Kit For Black Men. .

In addition to the normal nylon capes in different colors, there are plus sizes and other varieties as well as a Kids Cutting Cape with patterns that are colorful and fun.

The Merchant & Rhoades Barbershop is an excellent hair salon where you can receive the many amenities above as well as additional ones such as a facial or scalp treatment, a hand or foot massage, catering also to children’s haircuts, and even offering the availability of a shoeshine! Many of the Merchant family are still actively involved in this business, including the eldest son who is a second-generation barber and manages the shop. This salon also carries a wide selection of fine imported gentlemen’s grooming products and fragrances which, in the downtown Chicago store, are beautifully displayed in an antique mahogany apothecary.

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