How Long Does It Take to See Results of Using Biotin?

Biotin and hair are always mentioned together when we talk about hair thinning, hair growth, hair loss and nearly any other topic related to hair health.

According to the users’ reviews, most people who have tried biotin for their hair problems are satisfied with the results and most of biotin products have ratings between 3.5 and 4.5.

Taking biotin foods is considered healthier than taking biotin supplements as natural biotin is absorbed easier. Here is a list of the foods that have high concentrations of biotin.

What are the effects of biotin on hair?

Studies show that biotin is essential for many of the body functions. Functions like conversion of biotin into energy, the proper development of the fetus during pregnancy and nervous system functions require biotin.

Regarding hair growth, not many studies have been done on biotin and hair growth but the results say that it is one of the most effective ingredients in all hair products.

Numerous numbers of people post how biotin works. Check the online reviews and you will find before and after videos and pictures from people who share their experiences with biotin products.

But before using a biotin product, you need to consult a doctor first as biotin is not suitable for everyone. Some people say that they have suffered from unpleasant side effects like hair breakouts and acnes.

Check what people say about Biotin usage from here.



Interaction of Biotin with other drugs


Other drugs such as anti-depressants, diabetic, blood pressure and, anti-fungal medications may contain active agents which might interact with biotin and may cause negative impact on your health. Pain-killers may also have the adverse reactions when consumed with other medications.

How long does it take to see biotin results?

Results of biotin do not appear immediately and they vary from person to person. The timeframe of the results ranges from a week up to 6 months.

Let’s see the results that most users agree upon after a certain period of time.

  1. Results of Biotin after Using It for a Week:

The results do not appear at this point. The body uses biotin for other essential processes in the body. Taking biotin supplements and eating biotin foods help the body to accelerate this period. There are changes in hair and skin during this phase but they are negligible.

  1. Results of Biotin after Using It for a Month:

Most people show minor changes during this phase. The hair will be different to you because you will notice any slight change while to other people; the changes may not be visible.

Some people during the first month think biotin is not effective; just be patient and keep using biotin on regular basis.

  1. Results of Biotin after Using It for 2 Months:

Now, the results will be clear. The color and the appearance of your hair will be different. The process of hair growth will start after 2 months and there will be some signs of increase hair growth. People will start asking you questions like why you look so different.

  1. Results of Biotin after Using It for 3 Months:

At this point, hair growth will be clearly visible and the color of the skin will look different too. The overall quality and appearance of your hair will improve. This is the phase when everyone will keep telling you that your hair look great.

  1. Results of Biotin after Using It for 4 Months:

At this point, the changes will not just be clear; they will be huge. The changes will be in the appearance, growth, color, texture, and length too. Your hair will be longer, darker and more lustrous.

  1. Results of Biotin after Using It for 6 Months:

After 6 months, the changes will not be just related to your hair appearance. The follicles and the roots of your hair will be replenished too.

Now, you can say that you have healthy and attractive hair.

What About Biotin Toxicity?

Some animal studies have been done on show that the side effects of using high doses of biotin are few and there are no side effects at all in some people.

Humans can tolerate higher doses than the recommended doses and there will not be many worries.

The side effects are mainly acne and dermatitis. The usage of higher doses of biotin for a long time will lead to accumulation of huge amount of it which will lead to inhibition of endogenous sirtuin activity which will subsequently lead to inflammations, deposition of collagen and some metabolic disorders.

All these side effects can be avoided when you consult your doctor before using biotin products. This study will tell you nearly everything about biotin including the fact that it is not a toxic ingredient.


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