Make A Better Scenario With Expert Ophthalmologist Witness

Eye surgery expert witness

If a plaintiff has suffered from an injury or any adverse health effects and he or she thinks that it has happened due to negligence of a medical practitioner or a medical institute, then he or she can complain against it and file a case. In such a scenario, an expert ophthalmologist witness will determine whether the standard of care was maintained while providing treatment to that patient or there was a breach, which has caused the adverse outcome. Dr. Lefkowitz is a renowned eye surgery expert witness. He has been in this field for more than 30 years.

What qualities should an ophthalmologist expert witness have?

  • The experience of an expert ophthalmologist witness will be a very crucial factor. With more years of experience, the ophthalmologist expert will surely have handled more critical cases. So, they will prepare the testimony with the required expertise.
  • Their knowledge related to cataract surgery, Oculoplastic Surgery, Refractive Surgery and many other treatments on their field will be crucial as well.
  • An eye surgery expert witness should have enough knowledge of both surgical and clinical issues.
  • They should have enough knowledge and understanding to distinguish between a breach that happened due to negligence and a deviation from the standard care, which is acceptable in medical certainty limits.

Quality of the best ophthalmologist expert

In any case, related to the breach in the general standard of healthcare, the testimony submitted by the retina surgery expert witness plays a very crucial role. So, an expert ophthalmologist will always prepare a testimony that will be true, scientific, clear, unbiased, and accurate. The attorneys will depend a lot on the report provided by them. So, their accurate testimony within a quick timeline will always be good for the case. Their experience in understanding negligence in making a breach of the standard of healthcare will determine the result of such a court case.

For what cases they will provide reports

  • If a plaintiff has implanted wrong intraocular power while completing contract surgeries, they can represent your case.
  • At the time of detaching the retina, if the plaintiff fails to refer his patient to a specialist for retina related issues and it results in vision loss for that patient, attorneys will take testimonies from the retina surgery expert witness.
  • If the plaintiff fails to treat glaucoma even after treating it for ten long years, the attorney will ask for the reports from Ophthalmologist for checking whether the diagnosis was done correctly or not.

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When you take assistance from a professional expert like Dr. Lefkowitz, he will be ready to provide you deposition through video conference. If required, he will even travel to your place for the deposition at the right time. If you need an affidavit or certificate of merit, these expert witnesses will provide you the same. So, if whether you are a defendant or a plaintiff in any such court cases where you need the assistance of the eye surgery expert witness, you should always choose the most experienced and renowned experts. Their reports are surely the most crucial factor in determining who is going to win the case.

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