Meditation – How to Ground Yourself

Feel more focused, present, calm and peaceful

Whilst grounding yourself is the basis for any meditation, it is something you can and should do every day. Once you have the routine down pat, you can literally ground yourself in a few minutes.

Essentially, grounding energetically connects you to the earth. Just like an electric plug that needs to be grounded, when we connect to the energy of the earth, we are able to release stress, tension and any negative emotions and absorb healing energy.

So, if you are living in your head, stressed, overwhelmed, needing to confront a situation/person or present yourself in a calm, confident manner, you will benefit greatly from knowing how to ground yourself.

Before you start with any kind of meditation you should look into meditation cushion sets as this will help you with relaxed meditation as you will have support.

A daily practice you say?

What benefits can I expect?

There are many benefits to grounding yourself on a regular basis. These include:

  • Feeling less scattered and overwhelmed.
  • Being more present.
  • Feeling more connected to your physical body and the earth.
  • Stress reduction.
  • Increased creativity.
  • Feeling more relaxed, calm and peaceful.
  • Increased energy and vitality.
  • Greater self awareness and mental clarity.
  • Raising your consciousness.
  • Emotional release and healing.

Sounds easy enough

Where do I begin?

There are many different techniques that you can use to do Past Life Aura Healing, so experiment with a few of them until you decides which one works best for you. All of the techniques will benefit from you closing your eyes and taking 3 deep breaths (in through the nose and out through the mouth) before you begin.

My personal favorite technique is to imagine a huge oak tree in front of me. I look up the thick solid trunk into the branches and rich green leaves and notice the smell of the earthy soil. Then, I focus on the strong root system of the tree and imagine that thick roots grow from the centre of the bottom of my feet, all the way to the centre of the earth and wrap around a huge rose quartz crystal.

I allow my body to feel the effects of gravity and as my body gets heavier, I visualise any negative emotions, blockages, stress and tension draining through the roots and then see the energy being transmuted by the rose quartz crystal.

I then see the light pink energy of unconditional love moving up the roots and into my body through the souls of my feet until it permeates every cell of my body. Once my body is glowing with the healing nurturing energy of the earth, I expand it out into my aura so that I am cocooned in a bubble of pink energy. I rest here for a while and when I’m ready, I’ve open my eyes feeling grounded, present and ready to continue my day.

Another technique is to imagine a thick hollow grounding cord going from the base of your spine (base chakra) deep into the centre of the earth. Release stagnant energy into the earth and absorb life force and healing through the hollow cord.

Grounding and centering yourself

A guided Meditation

If you prefer a guided meditation, find yourself 10 minute guide on Youtube that takes you through a centering and grounding process and is ideal to do before any meditation, yoga class, healing session or any other type of therapy. Again, once you have learned the process, it is easy to do on your own.

Meditation Methodology

Tips to enhance your meditation

In order to set the scene for your meditation, find a place where you won’t be disturbed and turn your phone off. Lighting some candles, having some fresh flowers around you and burning some incense can greatly enhance the ambiance. It is also a great idea to play some soothing meditation music.

To ground or not to ground?

That is the question

I have found that grounding myself keeps me centered and in the present, especially if I am overwhelmed or feeling scattered. In my experience, once people have integrated this simple process in their lives, they are more inclined to live joyously from the heart.


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