The Best Aftercare Tips for Dental Fillings

Getting a dental filling can be quite the undertaking, but whether you’ve had just one or about twenty, you need to be super attentive about your aftercare following the procedure. Chances are, your dental professional already gave you a few points of guidance to ensure that your mouth stays happy and healthy following your filling, but there are a couple of tricks and rules to follow for a speedy healing process. Here are a few of the best aftercare tips to keep you in perfect condition following your family dentistry tomball tx

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Foods to eat

You probably won’t be wanting to tuck into a meal the second that you leave the dental surgery, but you’ll need to get some sustenance in you eventually. It’s important that you feed yourself with gentle, nourishing dishes post filling. Snack on foods such as fresh smoothies, scrambled egg, yogurt, soft cheese, homemade soup, mashed potatoes, and everybody’s favourite, ice cream! Anything that’s soft on gums and gentle on your palette is going to be your friend during the recovery process.

Foods to avoid

Anything that requires chewing is off the menu for the first day or two, sadly, these lump, crunchy or dense textures are only going to cause you pain and make your healing process last longer. Avoid meats, toast, nuts, chocolate – if it needs to be chewed, then it’s not your food..for now.

Check in on your lifestyle

Always stay mindful after any kind of procedure or physical undertaking. You should avoid consuming copious amounts of tea or cups of coffee, as well as steering completely clear of smoking and alcohol. You should really try giving up smoking any other day of the week, so why not after getting a filling? The timing just makes sense, no?

No straws!

Straws are bad for dental recovery of any kind, the sucking action causes too much pressure in your mouth and can cause clots, fillings or loose teeth to become dislodged, causing a whole lot bleeding and a whole lot of pain – best avoided at all costs. Be safe, take a sip instead. This action is also done when smoking, so again no cigarettes after fillings for your own good.

Use over the counter pain medication

When the pain gets a little too much to handle there is no shame in reaching for the over the counter pain medication. This will help you to manage the discomfort and get you through the first few days of pain. Be mindful and note down how much you’re taking to keep on track.

Brush attentively

As always, you’ll need to be careful and attentive about how you’re brushing and cleaning your mouth and teeth. Use a soft bristle brush and move in slow circular motions around your teeth and gums. Use a particularly gentle technique when you’re nearing your filling.

Sleep elevated

If you’ve ever experienced tooth or gum pain, you’ll know that you notice it more during the night. Pain keeping you up is usually due to your sleeping position, so make sure that you head to bed with plenty of firm pillows to prop yourself up. This will drain blood from your head and stop that horrible pulsing that tends to occur when you’re trying to catch some Zs following a filling.

Talk to your dentist

Finally, if you’re really suffering or you’re unsure of how best to care for your new filling, just pick up the phone or pop into the dentists to talk to your dental professional. They’ll always be happy to advise with the correct upkeep for any tooth filling.


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