Using HGH Supplements – Things You Probably Didn’t Know!

Growth hormones, produced by the pituitary gland, are important for overall development and growth. The amount of HGH secreted by the body is highest in the adolescent years, but as we age, the level starts to drop. HGH supplements were designed to treat certain medical conditions, although these are now more popular within the bodybuilding community. If you are into fitness, you must have seen pictures of males and females in ads of HGH supplements. Can you expect such results? Below are things you need to know.

The basics of using HGH

Synthetic HGH was developed in 1980s and is used in certain cases for treating children and adults alike. However, the effects of HGH for bodybuilding is different, and as expected, users often take a much higher dose than what’s administered for medical treatments. HGH can help in maintaining strength, endurance and stamina, but it is not a miracle drug, contrary to what many may believe.  It has been associated with weight loss, as well. However, nothing in the world can help your fitness goals, unless you have a diet plan and workout regimen in place. HGH may aid your efforts, but it’s not meant to reverse aging or other sorts of things as claimed in many ads.

Results and side effects of using HGH

While you will find many options in HGH pills and supplements, you need to understand and evaluate the pros and cons in detail. HGH works differently in each case. Some people often see a quick change in their physique, while others may not feel the same thing. It some cases, it may take up to 12 weeks to see significant results. Experts and seasoned athletes often suggest users to use human growth hormone supplements in moderation. Ideally, the cycle shouldn’t exceed 24 weeks, as the adverse effects are not yet known.

Should I take HGH supplements?

Well, it depends. HGH works like other supplements, as far as results are concerned. You may not see immediate changes, but it does work in different ways in the body. It is important that you understand and check the current HGH level of your body, and before you use any supplement, talk to your doctor to understand the risks, which are dependent on your personal medical history.

Photos and images don’t always tell the real story, and therefore, you believe everything you read about HGH. Check with your doctor to know more!


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