Vaser Lipo – is this less invasive method of liposuction for you?

Vaser Lipo or Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance to give it its less catchy, fuller name, is a cutting-edge treatment used to remove fat and contour the body. One of the major benefits of this technique is the fact that it removes body fat without taking other important connective tissues with it. This produces a smoother and more appealing finish, without as much bruising.

To tackle different fat areas, there has been various precision cannulas and probes designed, which means more delicate and smaller areas can be effectively treated just the same as the larger, bulkier parts.

The difference between this and traditional liposuction, is that conventional procedures use power suction to remove the fat, which has a knock-on effect on nerves, blood vessels and other important tissues. Although conventional liposuction is undeniably effective, Vaser Lipo is preferred by many because it just targets and removes fat cells and nothing else. So as a body contouring and reshaping procedure it produces smoother, tighter skin for better results all round.

What are the Main Benefits of Vaser Liposculpture, Liposuction and Lipo?

Body contouring and fat removal using lipo can help redefine body shape and remove those areas of fat that seem to cling on stubbornly even when you exercise or diet. We all have parts of our bodies we wouldn’t mind changing if possible. The important thing, before undergoing any of these procedures, is to fully appreciate that they are not weight loss treatments. You will put weight back on, if you do not enact changes in your lifestyle and diet.

When you are thinking about body contouring, it is recommended that you take a very holistic approach and start to make changes in your lifestyle and diet to avoid weight gains in other body areas further down the line.

Vaser Lipo can also be used effectively for smaller areas such as excess weight around your face or that double chin you’ve always wished you didn’t have. It produces amazing results when used in this way, does not take especially long and recovery time is short. This makes it ideal if you’re looking to have some facial rejuvenation work done, but don’t want the downtime associated with more invasive and intense procedures.

What is Actually Involved in the Process?

To begin Vaser Lipo, the targeted layer of fat needs to be infused with fluid. Next, the high frequency vibration probes work on the fat cells, breaking them down as the fluid emulsifies them. The resulting fluid that contains the fat is removed using suction and massage. The final stage involves the remodelling of the preserved tissues to encourage the covering skin to actually retract to produce much smoother results.

Which Areas can Vaser Lipo Be Used For?

  •         Face – It’s ideal for treating the small and delicate facial areas
  •         Outer and inner thighs
  •         Buttocks
  •         Abdominal and waist area
  •         Ankles
  •         Breasts
  •         Knees
  •         Chest
  •         Hip area
  •         Arms

Can it be Performed under Local Anaesthetic?

Vaser Lip can often be performed with the option of sedation as a day case using just a local anaesthetic. This allows patients to return home much sooner after the treatment has been completed, which helps to improve their recovery.

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