What You Need to Remember When Visiting a Barbershop in Chicago

While you may consider visiting a barbershop to be a mundane experience that’s just another check mark in your list of things to do, you need to remember that barbers are people who take great care to give you the best experience and results. It’s important to consider your own behavior if you want to build a positive relationship with your barber and return as a favorite customer. A barbershop like State Street Barbers will appreciate you that much more for it.

Be Patient

If your barber is any good, he’s likely a busy man. At the same time, they’re likely not going to rush your haircut if they have a good reputation. This means that exercising patience is a crucial factor in creating the best haircut experience for both you and your barber. Clear at least 30 minutes from your schedule to ensure you get the results you want, and you won’t regret it.

Don’t Be Late

In line with the previous point, try to avoid being late as much as possible. If you can’t make it on time, let the barber know. This is simply common courtesy and will help keep the barber on time based on his own schedule.

Make Sure to Wash Your Hair

If you use any product in your hair, you’ll want to lose it before getting your haircut. Hat hair can also negatively impact your cut because of the tendency to create cowlicks and change the hair’s overall texture. In short, wash your hair if you want the best haircut.

Be Aware When Talking with Your Barber

While conversing with your barber is encouraged, you’ll do well to make sure that you don’t talk too much, particularly if you tend to get physical during your conversations. Sure, moving your hands around is fine, but try to avoid jerky or frequent head movements, which will make your barber’s job harder. Also, avoid talking on the phone with anyone during your haircut, as the barbershop is the last place to carry a phone conversation.

Always Tip

One of the golden rules for building a good relationship with a bartender is to tip, and tip well. If you like the results and the experience was enjoyable, let them know not just in the form of a compliment, but also in the form of a considerable dollar amount. In tipping your barber, keep in mind that it’s more personal than tipping, say, a bartender or waiter.

Taking all of these tips into consideration can save both you and your barber a lot of grief in the long run and make you stand out as a favorite.

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