Arthritis and hip replacement surgery

Hip replacement surgery is a process in which an orthopedic doctor removes painful hip joint which is prone to arthritis through surgical procedures and then resolves it with a joint of artificial nature which is usually crafted out of plastic and metal components. Generally, surgery is taken up as an alternative when all other options fail to work and offer relief to pain. hip replacement surgery in Delhi NCR cures pain in the hip joint and makes it easier to walk around.

Hip replacement surgery in Delhi NCR can be carried out traditionally or my making use or minimally invasive procedure. The core point of difference in these two processes is the incision size

While working with standard hip replacement surgery, the individual is provided with general anesthesia to calm their muscles and they put them to temporary deep sleep. This will help the patient to witness pain during the surgery. A spinal anesthetic may also be provided to avoids pain.

The doctors will then cut the side of the hip and move muscles attached to the top of the thigh bone to expose the joint of the hip. The ball portion is then carefully eliminated by chopping off the thigh bone with a saw. Next, an artificial joint is connected to the high bones by making use of cement or a special material that permits the remaining bone to stay connected to the fresh joint.

The doctors make the abuse of hip bone by eliminating any damaged cartilage and connects the replacement socket area to the hipbone. The fresh ball area of the thigh one is then placed in the socket are an area of the hip. A drain is also placed to drain off the fluid. The doctor then reconnects the muscles and closes the incision.

As many of the hip replacement surgery in south Delhi these days are carried out making use of standard techniques in upcoming years most of the doctors will take up minimally invasive process also. In the case of minimally invasive technique, the doctors make 2 cuts which range from two to five inches long. Then, a similar process is carried out via these tiny cuts as done with standard hip replacement surgery.

The tiny cuts are done to drop down the amount of blood loss, reduce the pain of surgery, decreasing the stay at hospitals, reducing scar looks and helps in faster healing process.

Though it is essential that these surgeons are highly skilled with these techniques and are well equipped.

After hip replacement surgery in south Delhi, the patient is likely to remain in the hospital for about 4 to 6 days and perform bed rest with a wedge-shaped cushion placed between the left so that the new hip joints retain its place. A drainage tube is laid in the bladder go support bathroom facility. Physical therapy generally initiates from the next day of the surgery and in a couple of days, the patient tends to walk using a walker. With continuous physical therapy for some months, the patients are able to walk completely.

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