Urban Legend Sleeping Facts That Will Make You Worried

Everybody wants and needs a good night sleep. May it be Bill Gates, a CEO of a small company or even the beggar along the street, everyone needs sleep.

However, not everyone gets to have a sound sleep. Some people tends to wake up every night at almost the same time, and it may not just be a mere coincidence. People have their theories of why people wakes up at the same time at night.

Some of these theories are purely medical, and others are mystical.

Spiritual Grounds Behind the 3 am Wake Up Call

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It has been a big talk to everyone who enjoys paranormal activities that at 3 am, the ghosts and demons play. As part of their games, they wake people up at night to play with them.

So, when an individual wakes up at around 3 am, they say that it means that the spirits want them to play with them. According to some spiritual experts, there’s a 75 percent chance that someone is staring at a person who wakes up at 3 am.

Even though there’s no solid proof of this hearsay, people still acknowledge personal experience statements. Such stories indicate fear and goosebumps, as if someone is under their beds ready to attack them anytime. Some people even believe that the spirit is trying to communicate with them and the superstitions went on and on.

To those who believe in the myth, their delusions usually anchor from watching too much horror movies. They even interpret a mouse running on the ceiling as a demon watching or a ghost playing. Most even consider monsters under their mattresses.

They say that when the clock reaches 3 am, the door that separates the dead from the living opens. At such time, they can play with the people in the living world. Disturbing them and waking them up at such hour. It is the said reason why a person wakes up with a strange feeling around those times.

Medical Reasons for Waking Up Same Time Every Night

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Though some people believed in the mysteries that lie between awakening and 3AM moments, medical experts can provide all the possible grounds for sleep disorders.

The sleep process regenerates damaged tissues, conditioning it for the next day. Waking up on a particular time every night may suggest internal issues.

Thyroid issue – Waking up around 9 PM – 11 PM indicates thyroid problems. It means that something is wrong with your thyroid. People with thyroid problems, should address their diets and prefer more seafoods.

Gall Bladder issue – If someone wakes up at 11 PM – 1 AM every night, this means that something is disturbing their gall bladder causing dysfunctions. It is the one needed for digestion and absorption. If a person wakes up at these times, they need to check their eating habit, especially at night.

Liver issue – Liver cleanses and detoxifies the body wastes, and this cleaning usually happens at 1 AM – 3 AM. Waking up at such time, denotes liver dysfunction. Drinking plenty of water is an excellent suggestion. Also, they need to limit the intake of alcohol and caffeine. These wastes do not only include the physical aspects but the emotional side as well. They need to flush out the negative emotions that cause stress.


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Science never entertains superstitious beliefs. They have their explanation on things, and if someone wakes up at around 3 am for almost every night, that may mean that there is something wrong with the body and not because someone’s watching.

However, despite the fact that medical people discredit these superstitious beliefs of others, some people still considers such situation believing that we are not the only beings in this world.

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