Cost off Hair Transplant in India

If you are worried about hair loss, baldness or thin hair growth that is making you look older, then opting for Hair Transplantation is a smart move and getting it done from India is the smartest move.

India has esteemed clinics who can understand how depressing hair loss can be for people and that’s why clinics have brought you guaranteed solutions to restore not only hair but also your confidence. Whether you are at the first stage of hair loss or the advanced stage, Hair Transplant treatments will make you fall in love with yourself once again.

Hair Loss is one of the leading issues prevailing among the people of all age groups due to various reasons like old age, stress, hereditary issues, etc. Baldness in men is most often due to hormones due to which their hair follicles become thinner and weaker causing permanent hair loss. Hair loss in the front and top of the head is usually due to genetic factors whereas hair on the sides and lower back of the scalp are due to hormonal changes. To overcome the bald areas, we implant the grafts and so that they can grow optimally as an intact unit and Hair transplant is the best and efficient way to get your hair back and to restore yourself. The procedure comprises of Transfer of hair from the permanent zone to the balding region while maintaining the integrity of Follicular units using various methods like FUT, FUE, etc. The whole procedure is done under local anesthesia and mild sedation.

What are the Latest Techniques of Hair transplants in India?

Surgeons in India usually go for the main two methods to complete the procedure which includes FUT and FUE. FUE is the latest procedure for Hair transplantation in which hair is extracted and transplanted as individual follicular units. In this procedure, No sutures are used, and Recovery is speedy, and the person can resume normal activity in a few days. Whereas, In Strip Harvesting, a strip of hair bearing skin is extracted from the permanent zone and is then dissected into individual follicular units under magnification.

It is vital to keep in mind that many of the transplanted hair will shed off in the first few weeks and the new hair growth will start in 1.5-2 months. So there is no need to worry about the initial hair loss.  Not only hair on the head but the hair of Eyebrow, Beard, and Moustache can also be restored using FUE Hair. The new hair growth doesn’t require any additional care and can be cut, groomed as may be desired. All in all, hair Transplantation is the only way that gives a natural result in persons with baldness.

Hair Transplantation cost in India

The Hair Transplantation cost in India is comparatively cheaper than the other countries without compromising the quality parameters. The cost of the treatment entirely depends upon the number of the grafts required. More the extent of the Baldness, more number of grafts will be needed, and therefore, more will be the cost of the treatment. Furthermore, the technique used in the procedure, the surgeon carrying out the procedure, the years of experience that the surgeon has, etc., are the other variables that affect the cost of the treatment in India.

The calculation of the cost is usually done per graft transplant. So the cost per graft can vary from Rs 30 to Rs 90 per graft in India but outside the starting cost per graft is Rs 250($4) and ranges up to Rs 1200($17), so the difference comes to be is quite big. E.g if 500 grafts are to be transplanted in India the tough total cost will be 500 X 89 = 44500 and the cost in following countries are as following for 500 Grafts using FUE

India cost per 500 grafts: Rs 44500

Turkey cost per 500 grafts: Rs 130000

Europe cost per 500 grafts: Rs 195000

UAE cost per 500 grafts: Rs 260000

USA cost per 500 grafts: Rs 552500

Singapore cost per 500 grafts: Rs. 455000

The cost of the FUT in India and other countries are as followings

India cost per 500 grafts: Rs 30000

Turkey cost per 500 grafts: Rs 65000

Europe cost per 500 grafts: Rs 334750

UAE cost per 500 grafts: Rs 130000

USA cost per 500 grafts: Rs 162500

Singapore cost per 500 grafts: Rs. 227500

The hair transplant method is any; it is cheaper in India than other countries. Getting hair transplant done on other country is like cutting your own pocket. In India, the cost of hair transplant in Chennai is more effective, and the doctors are competent with latest tools and methods. So why go somewhere else when you are getting the treatment here in India that too cost effective. So have you noticed the big difference? In India, the cost is so cheap for hair transplant treatment that is why people hesitates you takes such treatments outside India.

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