The compound is otherwise called 4′- methoxy-2-(1-pyrrolidinyl)-Valerophenone, 4-methoxy-α-Pyrrolidinovalerophenone and 4-meo-pvp. It passes by the formal and orderly IUPAC name 1-(4-methoxyphenyl)- 2-(1-pyrrolidinyl)- 1-pentanone.

The compound has a relative molar mass of 297.8 grams and exact equation C16H23NO2. It shapes a crystalline strong at room temperature.

The compound is an individual from the pyrrolidinophenone class of substituted cathinones alongside α-PVP, 4F-PVP and MDPV.

The compound is a simple of α-PVP. They have a similar structure however 4-Meo-PVP has a paramethoxy substitution on the phenyl ring.

The wellbeing effect of here and now or long haul recreational utilization of 4-Meo-PVP is not known. Its pharmacological and toxicological profile in people is obscure.

4-Meo-PVP is not for human or creature utilization.

Unverifiable online reports shed some light on the impacts of 4-Meo-PVP.

It is accounted for that 4-Meo-PVP gives an inconspicuous yet satisfactory high that is subjectively like other pyyrolidinophenonecathinones like MDPV and α-PVP.

There are a scope of physical impacts that have been accounted for. The “body high” is depicted as an euphoric vibe that encompasses the whole body. This marvel is adept to wind up distinctly overpowering at high dosages. The shivering sensation delivered is said to ascend with consistent steadiness from the onset leveling off at the pinnacle of the experience. Feeling of touch is said to be upgraded.

Like other pyyrolidinophenonecathinones, the exploration synthetic is accounted for to be amazingly physically invigorating in nature. Clients report feeling fiery and the state created is helpful for moving. The incitement is portrayed as feeling mighty in nature. At high dosages in reality it is said that one can’t stay still and the physical incitement may show as shaking legs, trembling of the hands and automatic development of the eyes and mouth. An absence of general engine control is accounted for at high measurements.

Nystagmus, or vibration of the eyes, is a revealed highlight of the rate, uniquely decreased hunger, loss of some level of visual sharpness and pounding of the teeth.

Intellectually 4-Meo-PVP is accounted for as delivering a mental condition of happiness. Musings are accounted for to be quickened and a few clients report a more prominent level of emersion in the main job. Additionally announced are an expansion in drive closely resembling the impact of MDPV, improved inspiration, extension of the sense of self and an expanded thankfulness for music.

4-Meo-PVP has been accounted for as bringing about an impulse to re-dosage in a few clients and a desire for additional after the pinnacle involvement of the “high”.

The delayed consequences of 4-Meo-PVP are accounted for as being awkward and negative. Particularly this incorporates a trouble dozing, sentiments of melancholy and peevishness, slower musings, tiredness of psyche and body and uneasiness.

The pyyrolidinophenonecathinone stimulants are related with creating maniacal states after substantial delayed use or at high measurements. They may prompt conditions of intense distrustfulness and fear.

4-Meo-PVP is considered reasonably addictive and has a high potential for mishandle. After ceaseless utilize a few clients report withdrawal impacts and longings. It additionally appears to deliver resistance.

Different names and equivalent words for 4-Meo-PVP:

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