6 Marijuana Myths That Need To Be Debunked

The benefits of marijuana as a medical and recreational product have always been a matter of debate. In fact, it is the most misunderstood of all the intoxicants in the market. There has been constant research and studies on the benefits and ill-effects of marijuana that have cleared the misconceptions which shroud it. If you are planning to use this substance for its medicinal or recreational value, you should get your facts right. Let us help you by debunking all the prevailing myths and misconceptions related to it.

Myth #1: It can kill the brain cells

One of the biggest myths related to marijuana use is that it can be deadly for your brain cells but there is nothing to worry. Smoking weed has no ill effects on your precious brain cells and they will continue to be healthy. Rest assured because this is a scientifically proven fact that is backed by numerous research studies.

Myth #2: It can deteriorate your memory

Like the previous misconception, there is another common one that states that you may lose your short-term memory due to prolonged use of marijuana. Some people even go to the extent of believing that it elevates the risk of dementia. But the truth is that smoking weed does not have any negative effect on your memory.

Myth #3: It can harm your lungs

Sounds unbelievable, but smoking marijuana is actually less damaging than smoking cigarettes, which actually makes the former a comparatively safer alternative. Additionally, cigarette smokers tend to smoke all through the day while the rate is lesser for those who smoke weed.

Myth #4: It can affect your fertility

Another marijuana myth that needs to be debunked is that it can affect your fertility. Of course, long-term and consistent weed intake can lower the sperm quality but it can get back to normal once you quit. Also, the effects are not significant if you smoke once in a while.

Myth #5: Smoking marijuana can cause cancer

Smoking itself is a major health risk and increases the probability of cancer. However, the risk is lower in weed smokers as compared to that in cigarette smokers. Even weed contains carcinogens, but their content is lower than that found in cigarettes.

Myth #6: It may lead to mental health issues

Several people associate marijuana use with mental health issues such as anxiety and psychosis but this is a major misconception that needs to be cleared. Only a small proportion of weed smokers experience mild anxiety and that too is short-lived. Conversely, it can actually make you relaxed by stimulating the feel-good neurotransmitters.

With these myths busted, you will realize that marijuana is not as bad as it is reputed to be. However, if you do use it, buy only good quality products from trusted dispensaries. You can also opt to shop online from trusted sites like Gokushly marijuana delivery to get quality products delivered at your doorstep. Another tip is to take the right dosage of marijuana and in the form that works for you. The market has a variety of products available as edibles, tinctures, topical preparations and inhalable products. Gather your facts right and pick a product accordingly.


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