7 ways to workout with your dog

In today’s world, people are busy with their choice of lifestyle and work ethics. They tend to spend time working to achieve their specific goals on time. But in the process to do so, one can neglect their health along the way. People also forget to spend time with their loved ones and hence become distant from them. Although everyone is busy with their life, they still want to have a pet, and the most commonly found pet in households around the world are dogs. But having a dog can be a huge responsibility as they require constant attention and care. They also needed to be taken care of as dogs can catch any disease quickly. Dogs should not be given extra food as they tend to get obesity and certain foods should be kept out of bounds such as chocolate or any fatty food which will eventually harm their fur and health. Having a pet can be beautiful because they help us to exercise more and keep our health in the right position.

Some ways a dog can help us to stay healthy

A dog has lots of quality such as he can make us happy with their presence and even help us with our exercise. One might not know, but a dog can help us to work out in many different ways which will eventually make our health better. Some of the most common ways a dog can help us with the workouts are:

  •          Go on a hike: There are people who have a very stressful schedule throughout the week and do not get much time with their dogs. For them, the best way to bond with their pets is to take them on a hike. A hike is a great way to lose some calorie, and the dog will keep you enthusiastic throughout the trail. During the weekend one can take their dog for a 20 min hike which will help to keep them healthy.
  •          Running or jogging: It is very well known that dogs love to run around. It is very important to give them ample space to run as they like but people who live in metropolitan cities do not have that much space to offer. They can take their dogs every morning to a nearby park or playground and run or jog with them which will help both the person and the dog to exercise.
  • Swimming: During the summer months the best way to spend time with your dog and alongside exercise is going swimming. It is a moderate impact exercise that won’t tire anyone even if they spend about a couple of hours in the pool. Although that might make the dog sick, hence they should not spend many hours in the water.
  •          Tug of war: We already know how much dogs love to spend time with their owner and play with them. Dogs can have more strength then one can anticipate. Playing tug of war helps people to gain strength in the upper part of the body. Meanwhile, the dogs would love to spend time with their owners.  
  •          Playing catch: For years the one thing people teach their dogs is to play catch. Dogs love to play catch and spend hours fetching the ball. This can make the dogs run a lot, and their owner can run with them to catch the call and throw it to the other part of the playground.
  •          Resistance walk:  Resistance walking is an excellent way to workout with the dog. It is suitable for any weather. One can take out their dog for a walk after a snowfall or take them to a beach and make them walk in the sand or leaf filled trail. The harder it is for them to walk, the harder it will be for the owner to keep them on track and walk with them for the desired amount of time and miles.
  •          Stairs at home: There may be a time when due to some obstruction such as heavy rain or snowfall one is not able to take their dog outside for working out. The best way to stay at home and still take care of the health is by running up and down the stairs. One can also do it with a dog as they are energetic, and the workout will keep both the owner and the dog healthy.

Many classes are available in the region that trains both the dog and provide a gym facility for the owner, and they have huge discounts on packages. Working out with dogs can keep both healthy, and it is a great way to spend time and bond with them as 52% of the dogs have obesity due to lack of working out and eating food which is harmful.


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