Achieve a Perfect Smile With Lumineers: Everything You Must Know

There are many different options when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, including veneers and crowns. But today, Lumineers are becoming a popular option (especially in Florida) because these address a multitude of dental problems and the procedure is simple.

If this cosmetic dentistry procedure is new to you, read on to find out how it can help you achieve a perfect smile.

What are Lumineers?

Lumineers are considered no-prep veneers because they do not require intensive preparation, unlike traditional veneers that entail the removal of tooth enamel for them to fit in your teeth. They are made from porcelain and are ultra-thin. With proper dental hygiene, they can last for about 20 years.

Lumineers, Fort Lauderdale cosmetic dentists say, are also called “reversible” veneers because they can be easily removed and modified without altering the structure of your teeth.

6 Dental Problems Lumineers Can Solve

1. Discolored teeth

It is common for people to have teeth discoloration. If you are among them, teeth whitening is not your only option today because you can also opt for Lumineers. In fact, this is considered a better option for eliminating tooth stains because these offer lifelong white teeth. You don’t have to worry about drinking red wine or coffee or eating tooth-staining food because this provides a permanently natural, bright smile.

2. Crooked teeth

Crooked teeth can make brushing and flossing a difficult task. Also, they cause your smile to appear worn and tired. Gone are the days when braces were the only solution to crooked teeth because Lumineers have become the sought-after solution for this dental problem. You do not have to endure the pain of using braces. Moreover, this offers the fastest way to achieve perfectly aligned teeth.

3. Chipped or broken teeth

If you have a broken or chipped front tooth, perhaps because of a fall or trauma, Lumineers are the ultimate solution. They offer a painless way to repair chipped or broken tooth; they can actually restore the natural appearance of your teeth.

4. Spaces between teeth

Do you have gapped teeth? If you are born with teeth spacing problems, Lumineers are the best procedure to eliminate such gaps. They help hide any gaps in your smile while keeping all your teeth intact. Aside from boosting your confidence, this will also make teeth cleaning a lot easier.

5. Misshapen teeth

Lumineers can just be placed over your misshapen tooth – and voila! You can have your teeth shaped into the ideal form.

6. Old or worn out dental work

Old bridgework and crowns can add years to your appearance. By placing Lumineers over your bridgework and crown, you can have a youthful, beautiful smile once again.

How They Work

With Lumineers, you can achieve a beautiful smile in just two visits.

During your first visit, your dentist will take an impression of both your lower and upper teeth. This mold, along with other important records and photos, will then be sent to an authorized laboratory. Your dentist will then advise you on when your second visit will be, which is generally after several weeks.

On your next visit, your dentist will initially place your Lumineers to make sure that they are a good fit. After that, your teeth will be etched a bit for proper placement and the Lumineers will then be bonded one by one. Once everything is bonded in place, your dentist will check your bite to guarantee a balanced contact and prevent chipping.

After bonding, you will surely have a perfect smile with natural-looking teeth. Since the Lumineers are tightly bonded, you don’t have to worry about them falling off as you eat or drink. But to make sure that they will last a long time, take care of them properly by practicing proper dental hygiene and visiting your dentist on a regular basis.

Whether your teeth are chipped, crooked, misshapen, or discolored, Lumineers certainly are the best cosmetic dental solution for you. They solve plenty of cosmetic flaws in your smile.

But despite being the fastest and easiest way to fix such dental problems, remember that only a certified Lumineers dentist is permitted to do the procedure. So if you are considering this dental appliance, look for a cosmetic dentist in Fort Lauderdale with the right professional certification and training.


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