Advantages and disadvantages of using Proviron

There are so many different forms and varieties of dietary supplementation products in the market that you often get confused which product to buy, while considering the similar results that they offer. Any kind of anabolic androgenic steroids will give you identical effects of improved growth and development of muscle mass but there will be slight differences in the extent of positive or negative results from user to user. This variation is mainly due to many physiological strings as well as regulation of the dosage cycles. One large part of the extent of effects variation is dependent on the goal or desire of the user, as to why he or she is taking the drug, what kind of results are they expecting and the time period till which they are going to continue. Proviron is one of the most popular but mild acting anabolic androgenic steroidal products that has been created artificially in the labs by Schering of Bayer-Schering. The generic name for Proviron is Mesterolone but it is not particular quite effective when used solo for anabolic purposes like muscle building. There are more potent steroidal medications in the market which can help you get better results. Then why buy Proviron? Can you stack it with any other strong anabolic products for enhanced results? Get answers to your questions by reading the review below.

What are the benefits of Proviron?

The orally active Proviron supplements were first released in the market around 1930s. During that time, a lot of aromatase inhibiting drugs, AAS (anabolic androgenic steroids), anti estrogenic compounds and so many more hormonal regulatory products have been developed but still Proviron is the most popular name among all these. This particular medication is developed and sold in more than 2 dozen countries across the world, under different trade names and chemical names due to different pharmaceutical companies creating it.

A lesser known fact about Proviron states that being an anabolic agent, the compound helps in stimulating anabolism (tissue building and growth properties). It is done simultaneously while reducing the rate of catabolism degradation of tissues in the body due to any damage or injuries, including inbuilt muscles cells. But one of the most beneficial yet risky features of Proviron is that it highly regulates the developmental capabilities of primary male sex hormone testosterone in order to increase the androgenecity. Therefore, female users have to be very aware during Proviron dosage regulation.

What are the side effects of Proviron?

Since orally active Proviron stimulates the regulation of androgen receptors to a large extent, there are some drawbacks of the product in the female body. If there is any misregulation or increased dosage regulation of the product in women, there can be emergence of the following problems:

  1. Changes observed in the tone and texture of skin. Emergence of acne as well. (temporary cause)
  2. Clitoromegaly- enlargement of the clitoris
  3. Small breasts
  4. Irregularities of menstrual cycle
  5. Amenorrhea- stoppage of menstruation
  6. Deepening of voice like males


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