All About The Neck Lift Procedure

Your skin could lose its elasticity over time. Many factors contribute to this condition, including the combined effects of aging, stress, and lifestyle. The neck is mainly vulnerable to these changes. Saggy, loose skin could gather and manifest into a turkey neck. Such a problem affects your personality and lowers your confidence. It also makes you look more aged than your actual age. However, you may fix this condition through the neck lift procedure.

All about neck lift

Many folks are skeptic about this innovative surgery. Some potential candidates wonder whether they’ll really benefit from the procedure. Others wish to know how the procedure will actually go and what they could expect after the surgery. If you’re one such individual, take a look at the steps involved in the procedure. Getting familiar with the procedure will also let you make an educated decision.


During the procedure, medicines are administered for your comfort. These medications actually make some portion of your body faint. Faintness lets you know what’s going on during the procedure. However, you don’t feel any pain resulting from cuts and stitches during surgery. The choices of medications include general anesthesia and intravenous sedation. Your surgeon will suggest you the best choice depending on your health. However, general anesthesia is mostly preferred.

The incision

Depending on the level of change you wish to see, your choices will include a limited incision neck lift or a conventional incision. A traditional incision mostly starts in the hairline, continues down and around your ear, and finishes up in the posterior hair. The doctor may redistribute or sculpt the fat from the neck and jowls. Additionally, the doctor will position the tissue underlying the skin and tighten the platysma muscle.

Excess skin is trimmed away and the remaining skin is rewrapped over the uplifted contours. Your surgeon may also apply a separate incision for liposuction of the chin. Such an incision is also necessary for repairing of the muscle. Skin adhesives or sutures usually close the incisions. A limited incision neck lift involves incisions around the ear only. Although the incisions are shorter, the outcome could be more limited.

Closing of incisions

Skin glue and sutures are mostly used for closing incision lines. Sutures could be dissolving or may have to be removed after some days. After proper healing, the incision lines are concealed in the contours of the ear and within the hairline.


The recovery level and time vary from person to person. During the recovery, your doctor may place a bandage around your face and neck to minimize bruising and swelling. Additionally, a thin tube might be present to drain excess fluid and blood that could collect under the skin. Just be sure you follow the surgeon’s instructions properly to recover quickly.


As with any surgical procedure, neck lift encompasses some risks. Swelling, tiredness, bleeding, bruising, etc. are common. However, most of the risks and side effects are minimal. You should speak to the surgeon before undergoing surgery to get the details of possible risks and side effects.


The visible improvements and results appear as bruising and swelling subside. Over time, the swelling and bruising will vanish. The final result will get you a more youthful appearance. Additionally, it’ll make you more confident about yourself.

Bottom line

An unappealing neck can hamper your persona and lower your confidence. However, you can fix this condition by opting for neck lift. Just get familiar with the complete neck lift procedure detailed above and consult a reliable surgeon. Within no time, you’re all set to get a rested and youthful appearance you ever wished.

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