Behind the Scene Story about Hair Transplant Turkey

Transplant Turkey

Hair transplant has caught the imagination of the people all over the globe. They see this treatment as a permanent solution for their baldness and are ready to undergo hair transplant surgery so that they get a head full of hair.

In recent times, it is common for people to travel to other countries for medical treatment, this is known as medical tourism. People looking for affordable hair transplant are ready to go to other places in search of cheap options.

Hair transplant Turkey is one such place which offers quality treatment for a highly reasonable price. Walking around the major cities in Turkey you will see the familiar sight of men wandering around the bazaars and squares with bandages on their head or their crown area covered with bright red marks.

They are health tourists who have come here for hair transplant Turkey, which is one the fastest growing industries in the country. According to Emin Cakmak, the head of the development council of health tourism of Turkey there are scores of people coming to this country seeking medical treatment, out of 750000 health tourist traveling to Turkey 60000 come for hair transplant.

Hair transplant is a time consuming and an expensive procedure where the doctor or his assistant make thousands of incision in your crown area. Then they remove the hair follicles from the donor area which is the back of the head and implant them in the incisions which are made beforehand.

The new hair starts growing within 6 to 8 months if the surgery is successful. But in case the surgery is botched up the hair will grow haphazardly and there is a high chance of scarring and skin infection.

The costing of hair transplant surgery for foreign tourist is according to packages wherein they are provided the surgery and medications and it also includes stay at a reputed hotel, transportation and the service of an interpreter.

This setup makes the total hair transplant cost in Turkey very cost effective for the patients and also makes their medical trip to the country comfortable and easy. They get the assurance that they will not have to shell out money for transport and stay and thus avoid getting fleeced in a new country.

Zeeshan Majid a native of Dubai recently visited Turkey for hair transplant. From past few years he was suffering from severe hair loss and with his decreasing hair density even his self- confidence was decreasing drastically.

He was desperately searching for a solution when he came across the clinic on Facebook. He researched more and was satisfied with the track record of the clinic and the reputation of the doctor.

Also, he found the hair transplant cost in Turkey very reasonable. The treatment ranged from $2000 to $3000 in Turkey whereas the same treatment would cost him $20000 to $25000 in the US. Impressed by his finding he flew to Turkey for his treatment.

Turkey can provide cost-effective treatment options due to various reasons. First, there are many new hair transplant clinics coming up in Turkey and due to the fierce competition between them, they are ready to go to extreme measures to bring down the cost and attract clients with irresistible deals.

However, in the race to cut cost the clinics hire under-qualified professionals to conduct the operation. Legally, a doctor has to conduct the hair transplant operation in Turkey. But in reality, the doctor is only present for consultations or when dealing with complicated cases otherwise the operations are done by the technicians and nurses.

Second, the clinics in Turkey get cheap labor in form of Syrian refugees who work long hours for low wages. As they are fluent in Arabic they have to recruit clients for the clinic and also work as translators. As they do not have legal work permits they are exploited by the clinics.

The political upheaval in the country has not affected the hair transplant industry in any way; on the contrary, it has attracted more tourists. Around 90% of the medical tourists are from the Middle Eastern countries like Dubai, Oman, Kuwait, etc. The political situation in Turkey does not spook them and they do not mind traveling here for hair transplant treatment.