Benefits of Cannabinoids That You May Not Have Known About

When we think about cannabinoids, the first thing that comes to our minds is its harmful effects. Yes it is true that if taken without control, cannabinoids can cause all kinds of damage to your mind and body. But then as the saying goes, too much of a good thing can be bad too. Moderation in all things is always desired.

However, cannabinoids such as sgt-263 has many health benefits too. Unfortunately due to its harmful effects which are often overly discussed and cautioned against, the good effects of cannabinoids are often ignored or disbelieved.

But things are changing now as many countries are beginning to understand that if taken as a medicine, cannabinoids can do a lot of good and so legalization is going on around the world. Here we will take a look at some of the health benefits of cannabinoids

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Helps in epileptic and other kinds of seizure

Many studies have proven that Cannabinoids can in fact stop seizures, which is why particular strains of marijuana are cultivated to treat seizures of many kinds like epilepsy, Dravet’s syndrome etc. Seizures are caused by excessive activity of certain brain cells, cannabinoids can numb these cells and decreases their activity.

Improves the health of your lungs

This might seem like a contradiction as smoking weed harms the lungs just as much as a cigarette does, but a study conducted in 2012 found that cannabinoid users showed increased lung capacity and improved lung condition, and the harmful effect of cigarette smoking is also reversed to some extent.

 Effective against cancer

Cancer is possibly the most dreaded disease at present and most cancers still can’t be cured. But even though cannabinoids can’t cure cancer either, but it can stop the growth of cancer cells. Studies show that cancerous cells have more copies of ID-1 gene compared to healthy cells. This gene helps the cancer cell spread aggressively. Cannabinoids can turn off this gene and just slow down the spread of the disease. Some studies have also suggested that cannabinoids can do more than just slow the cancer cells, it can actually kill them.

It slows down Alzheimer’s

In Alzheimer’s disease, the patient begins to slowly lose their memory as amyloid plaques begin killing off their brain cells. A 2006 study found that cannabinoids can block the enzyme in the brain responsible for the buildup of these plaques, thus slowing the death of brain cells and the progression of the disease.

Relieves anxiety and depression

Cannabinoids can be a great help for people suffering from anxiety and depression. When used in low doses it can improve the user’s mood, however, higher doses can have the opposite effect and can also cause paranoia.

Very effective against pain

Cannabinoids in right doses can act as a mild sedative; it also alleviates pain, reduces inflammation and calms down muscle spasms. This makes it a very effective medication for people suffering from multiple sclerosis, arthritis, Chron’s disease to name just a few.

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