What is Tantric Therapy?

Tantric massage therapy is becoming increasingly popular. While often misunderstood as another type of erotic massage with a happy ending, tantric therapy is about so much more.

Mostly provided for women, tantric therapy provides a soft, sensual massage that aims to revitalise the recipient while also awakening an inner sexual energy that may be lacking in their personal lives. Using the power of touch, your consciousness experiences a sensual liberation that leaves a sense of happiness and wellbeing, along with a strong connection to your sexual energy.

Essentially, during a tantric massage, your entire body is slowly and sensually massaged by a trained professional. It’s a very intimate experience, and every massage may work differently depending on the desires of the recipient and the methods of the tantric masseuse.

For instance, a part of tantric therapy called the yoni massage focuses on the female genitals. However, this isn’t just about getting arousal and sexual satisfaction, it’s about relaxing, healing, and empowering your mind and body – of course this naturally results in plenty of pleasure too!

A tantric massage never focuses solely on arousal. Yes, most people get aroused during the massage as it is a very sensual and intimate experience and it means the massage is working well, but the end goal is more about achieving a state of sexual bliss, awakening, and healing rather than just an orgasm.

It’s a form of sexual education that allows you to unlock the secrets of sexuality that most sex doesn’t provide, letting you grow and discover more about yourself in the process.

In fact, many women report a much more satisfying sex life after tantric therapy, as they find pleasures more enjoyable and can be left satisfied like never before. Most people leave their tantric massage feeling relaxed, revitalised, very positive, and in tune with their sexual energy.

This makes it especially beneficial to those that struggle with their sexuality. Be it shyness, self-confidence issues, low sex drive, anxiety, or just a low interest in sex, tantric therapy can address these problems, allowing the woman to take back control of her sexuality.

Taking control of your sexuality has many great benefits beyond your sex life. Feeling empowered and confident, your sexual energy can be used as a positive force throughout your life, and tantric therapy makes this all possible.

Sexuality is very important in life. From relationships to personal wellbeing, it impacts us is so many ways that it makes sense to do all that you can to understand it and become fulfilled by it.

This doesn’t mean you need to have an in-depth knowledge of spirituality or sexual deities; the simple act of tantric therapy is more than enough to unlock your sexuality.


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