Benefits Of CBD


Hemp and Cannabis are made up of cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids (in increasing order of importance). With CBD, we will focus on cannabinoids. They are the key to understanding the benefits of cannabidiol on our body, the others, we will tell you about them 

The wide range of actions of CBD on the human body comes from the endocannabinoid system. Our body works in the form of thousands of information sent from our brain and our microbiota to receptors.

These receptors form different routes. One of them, the endocannabinoid system, is essential in the balance of essential functions: homeostasis. It would be the representation of our body-mind balance.

We can find hemp and cannabis phytocannabinoid systems in line with that of our body. Cannabinoids, like CBD, adapt to receptors in our endocannabinoid system, allowing them to function correctly. These connections allow cannabidiol to have many benefits.

Things That CBD Acts On 

  • Anxiety; by playing on the production of serotonin. It, therefore, has an action on anxieties, parasitic thoughts, paranoia (linked to anxiety or taking drugs), and depression.
  • The digestive sphere; by acting on digestive well-being, it is helpful against nausea, vomiting, assimilation of nutrients, transit, the balance of the microbiota. Some studies also show that it is very effective in the treatment of eating disorders (ACT).
  • Chronic pain and pathologies; Its anti-inflammatory and relaxing powers help the body to regenerate after exercise, a night out, body aches, back, and lumbar pain, stomach aches (it is the main subject in the treatment of endometriosis)
  • Sleep; The CBD helps in accompaniment to sleep, as much to have a restful sleep to avoid the nocturnal anxieties at the source of insomnia.

It also has great potential  

in relieving symptoms of dystonia, epilepsy, schizophrenia, and autism spectrum disorders. The flora of the skin is also composed of receptors similar to those inside our body. The benefits of CBD are just as comprehensive when applied to the skin.

Eczema, dryness, psoriasis, redness, lack of hydration, etc. Cannabidiol recreates the balance of the skin by passing through capillarity through our pores.

Cannabidiol Is Available In Different Forms And Strengths.

  • In sublingual oil, like our CBD Sublingual Oil and CBD Olive Oil, are to be used directly in the mouth or a drink, yogurt, or a dish.
  • We have pushed the research with synergies in aromatherapy. Thus, our tincture (MCT base: coconut oil that does not set and not greasy) is enriched with clementine’s essential oil.
  • As we told you above, the original plant is made up of cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids. These are similar to essential oils. This is why the combination of CBD with aromatherapy and herbal medicine is ideal.
  • In syrup, combined with medicinal plants, they guide the field of action of CBD. The Starlit affects nocturnal anxiety and insomnia.
  • CBD is smoked or vaporized using Clear CBD Cartridge (a concentration of pure CBD) or with e-cigarette liquids.
  • The Smooth & Mellow range is also enriched with organic terpenes, allowing all the plant’s flavors to be preserved.
  • The CBD is interfering in jam, chocolate, honey. To combine pleasure and well-being.

The use of honey and CBD also makes it possible to benefit from honey’s benefits, such as its antibacterial action, thus facilitating the assimilation of cannabidiol by the body.

For a variety of uses, cannabidiol is also beneficial to animals. In this context, using a neutral oil is the most common, but the dosage must be adapted to our little companions. 

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