Circumcision’s Positive Effects on Health

In most cases, the circumcision of a male child takes place in the hospital shortly after the child is born. On the other hand, in different situations, the treatment is postponed until the individual is an adult. 

Circumcision of adult males is performed for various reasons, but the health benefits often rank at the top of the list. It is advised to get expert help at Lazare Urology.

  • Decreased possibility of developing UTIs

Many of the purported health benefits of circumcision can be traced back to the removal of the foreskin, a potential breeding ground for a wide variety of bacteria and other pathogens. Urinary tract infections occur when harmful microorganisms, such as bacteria, ascend the urethra and infect the bladder. Kidney failure can result from untreated UTIs. Foreskin removal reduces the likelihood of UTIs and their complications by removing a “germ harbor” that can harbor bacteria.

  • Reduced possibility of contracting sexually transmitted diseases and infections

Sexually transmitted diseases (STIs or STDs) are avoided because, like UTIs, the foreskin provides a haven for the bacteria that cause them. Again, after the foreskin is removed, that harbor is also removed, which is why circumcised males have a lower risk of HIV and other STIs. 

  • Removes the potential for phimosis

Phimosis is a painful condition that occurs when the foreskin cannot be retracted from the penis’s apex. Phimosis is not only a painful condition, but it can also prevent you from thoroughly enjoying sexual encounters. The foreskin is removed during circumcision, so phimosis is never an issue.

  • Lowered cancer risk

Several studies have found that male circumcision is associated with reduced risks of penile and prostate cancer. Although the link is most robust when circumcision occurs at a young age, even older guys can reap the benefits. Because HPV infections, the leading cause of cervical cancer, are reduced after circumcision, there is a corresponding reduction in the risk of cervical cancer in female partners.

  • Improved well-being of sexual partners

One of the most essential benefits of circumcision is the reduction in the likelihood of sexually transmitted infections. However, circumcision can minimize the risk of spreading an STI to your partner by making it easier to practice good hygiene and eliminating locations where STI bacteria can hide and thrive.

Recovery from an outpatient operation like adult circumcision often takes between two and three weeks. Contact an expert to discuss the operation and its potential health and lifestyle benefits.

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