Curing urinary tract infection at home

Have you ever had a severe pain in your abdomen? Have you ever urinated at abnormal frequencies? Have you ever had a burning sensation in your urinary tract while urinating? Have you ever had blood in your urine? If yes, then you suffer from urinary tract infection. Urinary tract infection is an ailment that generally affects females. However, it can be found in males too. It is condition due to the growth of bacteria in your urethra which leads to the growth of bacteria in the urinary tract. It is a horrible ailment which is accompanied by incessant pain in the lower abdomen region.


The medical treatment of urinary tract infection is both expensive and exhaustive. So, to save you from the trouble here are given the home remedies for urinary tract infection. All these remedies are simple, user-friendly and effective. So if you suffer from urinary tract infections, here are some of the important remedies that can be much useful to cure the UTI in the primary stage.

  • Lemon:

It is a simple remedy forurinary tractinfection, but the truth is that lemon contains citric acid. As citric acid is known to have strong anti-bacterial properties, it can help one remove the bacteria from the tract and clear it which can result in the normal flow of urine. These anti-bacterial properties make lemon a good remedy for curing urinary tract infection. To get rid of your infection of urinary tract, all you have to do is mix a tablespoon of lemon juice in a glass of boiling water. Now, drink this glass of water. The lemon juice will show its effect gradually. You can have two glasses of hot water with lemon juice to speed up the curing process. This remedy is easy as well as effective.

  • Drumstick flowers:

Drumstick flowers are easily available and a good remedy for curing aninfection of urinary tract. Drumstick flowers are known to have very good herbal properties. The drumstick flowers are helpful in curing urinary tract infection. Extract the juice of drumstick flowers. Mix a tablespoon of this juice with half a glass of coconut water. Drink this mixture. This mixture will help in removing the bacteria from the urinary tract thereby helping in curing your infection urinary tract. Considering the level of infection, you may require to use this remedy for a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

  • Cornsilk:

Cornsilk is a natural herb. It is easily available. It is known mostly for its diuretic properties. The Cornsilk herb helps greatly in curing the infection of urinary tract. One can use the remedy by mixing a couple of spoonful powder to normal powder and just drink it in the normal course. One can consume it early morning on an empty stomach, and the tract will be cleaned in a just couple of days. In the case of heavy infection, it may take a little more time, but you will surely get great relief in a short span.

These remedies are more helpful for the people who usually cannot go for allopathic or any other medicinal options.