Debunking 5 Major Myths Related To CBD Oil

CBD-oil based products have witnessed a big surge in their popularity recently. People are curious to know everything about this miracle extract, from the forms it is available in to its safety and benefits, the dosage facts, and more. However, there are still some prevailing myths that present cannabidiol in bad light. It is better to get your facts clear so that you can buy and use these products without any worries. Let us debunk the major myths and misconceptions related to CBD oil.

Myth #1: CBD oil is not legal

Absolutely wrong as this is a legal product that originates from the cannabis plant, a plant known for its medicinal properties. The oil is used for pain relief treatment by mixing it with a carrier such as olive oil and coconut oil. Other forms in which it is available is as edibles, sprays, liquids, pastes and teas. Scientific studies have proved the efficacy of CBD for treating a variety of serious medical conditions such as cancer, epilepsy, and Multiple Sclerosis.

Myth #2: CBD oil gets you high

Strangely, people tend to believe that CBD oil can make them hallucinate and feel high but this is not the truth. In fact, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the cannabinoid that has psychoactive properties and CBD just gets a bad name because of lack of awareness. Whichever form you use this oil, you will not get high and neither will it show up on any drug test because this is a non-psychoactive substance.

Myth #3: You need a prescription to buy CBD

Another myth about CBD is that you cannot buy it unless you have a prescription, but the fact is that you can easily buy it online without medical prescription. Just a few clicks and you can order purekana cbd gummies, oil, vape pens and topical without any hassles! Yes, you may need a prescription for medical marijuana but this is not true for CBD.

Myth #4: CBD oil can be addictive

If you think that using CBD oil can make you addicted, you need not worry because it is not addictive. The oil works by stimulating the “feel good” chemicals like dopamine and serotonin, which give you effective relief from pain and depression. It restores the balance and harmony in the body and regulates the key functions related to moods, sleep and appetite. In this way, all is positive about CBD and you can use it without being worried about addiction.

Myth #5: CBD is safe for adults only

Cannabidiol is absolutely safe for the young and the old alike. In fact, several studies indicate that it is highly efficacious for treating medical conditions such as epilepsy, ADHD, autism and other neurological issues in young children and teenagers. It has safely been used as a part of the health and wellness routine of people of all ages.

Now that these misconceptions about CBD oil have been cleared out, it can be regarded as a safe and effective product for resolving a variety of medical conditions. You can go ahead and make it a part of your therapeutic routine without any doubts.

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