Different Ways to Make Kratom Tea Tastier

One of the most popular and convenient ways of consuming Kratom is in the form of tea. It is a tropical evergreen tree that’s native to numerous regions in Southeast Asia including Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Borneo and Papua New Guinea amongst others. Field laborers began chewing on the leaves of Kratom for enjoying its health benefits such as boost in energy, stimulation, improvement in sexual performance, acid reflux treatment, depression and anxiety management as well as for opiate withdrawal. Therefore, this herb has become a global phenomenon and is now consumed in Europe and has also been legalized in the US.

The taste of Kratom leaves can be bitter and acidic due to which they are powdered and use to make tea. This is cost effective, but the taste might still be too strong for some people. Luckily, there are several ways that you can make Kratom tea tastier and be able to drink it in order to reap the benefits of this herbal remedy. What are they? Read on to find out:

  • Lemon Juice

Just like people add lemon juice to their chamomile tea or green tea, you can also enhance the flavor of Kratom tea by adding the juice of half a lemon inside a cup. This does not affect the alkaloids in the tea and ensures they are fully absorbed. If you don’t have any lemons, you can also add small drops of lime juice or citric acid. The purpose of adding lemon juice is to reduce the acidity of the water in which the tea is made. The water is then able to absorb even more alkaloids than before and also cover the bitter taste.

  • Fragrant Enhancement

You can make the tea smell more appealing and exotic by adding hibiscus oil, rose water or even lavender oil to the tea when you are brewing it. In this way, the Kratom tea is going to smell more appealing to people who wish to serve it to their guests or are interested in using it as a sedative or stimulant.

  • Fruit Flavorings

Adding flavors of different fruit juices is another way you can enhance the flavor of your Kratom tea. For instance, you can make the tea more fragrant and delicious by adding orange juice as per your taste and preference. Likewise, there are numerous other fruit flavorings that you can use such as apple, pineapple and strawberry amongst others. It all depends on your personal taste and imagination.

  • Sugar

If you don’t want to go with the other options, you can go down the simplest route and add sugar to your Kratom tea. Even though this is rather an obvious choice, most people are hesitant in adding sugar to their tea because they believe it will take away the herb’s benefits. But, the fact is that the chemical properties of sugar in no way interfere with the alkaloids contained in Kratom.

Use any of the aforementioned ways to make your Kratom tea even tastier.

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