The Downside to Being Overly Self-Conscious and How to Get Past It

Most people have something that they’re insecure about. Seeing as how no one is perfect, it’s only natural to have a few attributes or weaknesses that you’d like to change about yourself. It’s when those insecurities become so intense that they paralyze your very sense of being that there’s a problem that needs to be resolved. Being overly self-conscious can lead to social isolation, hypersensitivity, distrust, broken relationships and, finally, anxiety and depression which are serious mental health issues.

One way of improving your emotional well-being and getting past your insecurities is to identify the things you’re least confident about and making an effort to change them. Here are some of the most common things people are self-conscious about and quick tips for resolving them.

Hearing Aids or Medical Devices

Being disabled or injured is already a blow to your self-esteem. You’re incapable of doing things like “normal” people do and it frustrates you. If your disability requires you to wear a device like a cast, hearing aid, heart monitor, sit in a wheelchair, or walk with a cane, this can make you self-conscious.

Acceptance is key. Whether it is temporary or permanent, you have to learn to accept your disability and not see it as a weakness. To get over the embarrassment of the medical devices, invest in the best quality brands and make they suit your style. Rock a tortoise colored cane have someone draw on your cast or get a higher quality hearing aid that blends in with your ear.

Uncontrolled Medical Issues

Excessive sweating, stuttering, walking with a limp, and other uncontrolled behaviors due to medical or developmental issues can also make a person feel less than great about themselves.

Though your condition may not have a cure, there are ways you can better adapt. When it comes to Antiperspirant vs Deodorant, antiperspirant is the way to go if your goal is to reduce your excessive sweating. Go to a speech therapist to learn how to stop stuttering or at least minimize it. Talk to an orthopedist about specialized shoes to help control your limp.

Level of Intelligence

Though many won’t admit this, there are a lot of people who are afraid they’re just not smart enough. They hold back in conversations and stay quiet or avoid social settings. They fear saying or doing something that will make them look dumb to others.

You’re never too old to learn. If you’re worried about your intelligence, start reading educational books. Learn a new word every day. Keep up with the news, or even consider taking adult education courses.

Skin Imperfections

When you’ve got pimples or scars all over your face, it can be very humiliating and make you feel very self-conscious. You may fear conversations with others because it feels like all they’re paying attention to is your face.

To clear up skin imperfections, drink plenty of water, cut back on the greasy and processed foods, use the right skincare products and, if necessary, reach out to a dermatologist for medication.

Financial Status

Keeping up with the Joneses is a practice that makes many people feeling less than awesome about their financial status. Fearing that others will ridicule them if they can’t afford something, they end up falling deeper into financial trouble trying to prove they’re fine.

If your finances are in trouble–if you have poor credit, zero savings, and a low-income job, then a few changes can boost your confidence. Create a budget, start paying off debt, increase your savings, and either switch jobs or start a side hustle.


Your smile is one of the first things a person recognizes when they speak to you. When you’re dealing with imperfect teeth, a crooked smile, or a ton of dental problems, you don’t feel very much like smiling. In fact, you barely laugh and cover your mouth as often as possible.

The dentist is going to be your best friend here. You should visit your dentist for a full workup. They can help improve your smile with fillings, caps, dental implants, and teeth whitening services.

If you’ve begun to care too much about what others think to the point that you’re afraid to be around others, this is a serious problem. Being overly self-conscious can lead to serious consequences including missed opportunities and a life of loneliness. Start taking steps towards making changes in your life that make you feel better about who you are inside and out.


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