Dynamic Pulse Control

Dynamic Pulse Control is a new and exciting option to replace Intensive Pulsed Light. The precursor to Dynamic Pulse Control, or Intensive Pulse Control (IPC) was more involved and was not able to manage all treatment issues; new answers needed to be found. DPC is a method that is far more direct and focused on comfort for the patient. Some of the immediate benefits of DPC are:

  • Handheld treatment device is applied directly to the skin
  • No creams or lotions are used – no muss, no fuss
  • Quicker and painless results
  • No medicines needed

Improvements have addressed problems with previous methods of treatments:

DPC has the benefit of a shorter treatment time, so there is both a higher customer satisfaction, as well as a lower cost for the providers and patients. Because the treatment uses light pulses in three different intensity selections the patient’s comfort is far more satisfactory. There is no pain, because the therapy involves less time in the areas that are being treated. The customer’s fears are easily addressed. The entire process is more satisfactory for the patient, and definitely less threatening. The positive benefits show the worth of the new techniques.

Flexible therapies:

With DPC, the three different light intensities offer a far more versatile treatment method. Since there is no pain for the patient, the results are far more satisfactory for both patients and doctors. Skin discolorations and lesions are able to be treated more easily with fantastic results. Removal of moles and acne more easily managed than before. An outcome this positive is less threatening for the patient. With lower concerns for safety, the patients are more likely to want to try these new methods.

New technology benefits:

The DPC method of treatment provides a completely non-invasive procedure. This makes the therapy a less aggressive process, which is a benefit to both patient and practitioner. It shortens the recovery time after procedures. With less time and more comfort, far more patients are willing to enjoy therapy that will exceed their expectations.

Cost benefits:

DPC addresses less invasive techniques, so there is an ability to lower the charge for processes done for the customer. With these improvements, more patients are able to have successful treatments. The therapies have less limitations and side effects. When difficulties are reduced, more patients want the improved therapy techniques. Because they are performed at a lower cost, more customers mean more profits for the health provider. Both of these benefits are extremely attractive to new and returning patients. There is no downside in this type of result for either the patient or the provider when all difficult aspects of the treatment are overcome.

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