Electric Juicer

It is healthy to eat fruit and vegetables. Something that we all know and often do too little. It is often much easier to have a drink in between than to eat vegetables or fruit. To make a nice juice you need a juicer or juicer. At Zumex Nederland they have a perfect solution for that, namely the Zumex Multifruit.

The Zumex Multifruit is very user-friendly.
The Multifruit juicer has a glass base or can and makes very little noise during the centrifugation of the fruit or vegetables. In addition, the Multifruit juicer offers the possibility to generate more power for extra hard fruits. The filter system on the Multifruit ensures that the juice is of top quality. In addition, the renewed engine in the Multifruit guarantees a lifetime that is four times as long as compared to previous engines, a sustainable innovation!

Safety comes first!
In addition to powerful and quiet, the Multifruit is also efficient and safe. The Progressive Electronic Start System ensures that the engine of the centrifuge starts gradually and slows down what the Multifruit is one of the safest juice extractors on the market!

If you order the Multifruit more accurately, you can choose which color you want. The Multifruit is available in the colors black, silver and white. With the increasingly important fresh food experience in the catering industry, the Zumex Multifruit Juicer is a valuable addition to many catering and retail businesses. In most cases, we see that customers have a significant positive influence on the average checkout during breakfast and lunch times. With this the device is earned back in no time and with that the investment return is technically very interesting.

Interested in placing a zumex machine in your business? We are happy to make an efficiency calculation without obligation, so that you have insight into the relevant return time. For both the sale of machines and the technical helpdesk you can contact our sales advice department.

For more information please visit https://zumex-nederland.nl/2018/03/15/gezonde-sappen-elektrische-juicer/

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