How to Get Live in Care at Home

There are various reasons why someone may want or need live-in care. For one, allowing extended independence to a patient can make them feel more like themselves, and stops them from worrying about having to stay in a care home or with family in old age.

No-one wants to be a burden on anyone, but the simple fact is some of us will become sick or disabled at some point, and all of us grow old. Having someone else take care of you is, unfortunately, a fact of life. But live-in care makes it easier.

At Live-In Comfort here in East Sussex we strive for compassion and professionalism, allowing peace of mind that loved ones are well taken care of and have the freedom to continue with their everyday lives.

Live-in care is also vital for vulnerable people, such as those at risk of heart problems or with a history of falls and injuries. Our trained staff are qualified to take control in an emergency and they have the right skills to be able to assist should the worse happen.

It can be difficult to know where to start with hiring live-in care, especially when looking at different options for the first time.

First, know what the right level of care is. It’s common, for example, for elderly people to refuse care, even when it will provide them with a much better quality of life. It’s important to understand what is right for them, and then discussing it through with them to make sure they’re comfortable with the decision. If you’re unsure if someone you know needs live-in care, call one of our team and they will be happy to advise you.

Second, know what you’re paying for. Many organisations provide different levels of care, so when you have an initial conversation with the provider, ensure you put across all the details they need to assist properly. Does the person only need care on a weekend? Do they have pets who also need to be considered? Do they only need temporary care because of a pre-existing injury or short-term disability? All these things will help you to receive the best person for the job, and the most efficient care possible.

Live-In Comfort is just around the corner in East Sussex, and we provide:

– Great 24 hour, year-round service, a helping hand for everyday things such as food shopping to first aid treatment should it be necessary

– Deep understanding and empathy for our patients. A live-in carer is aware of the patient’s habits, personality, likes and dislikes, meaning care can be provided much easier.

– Qualified, trained carers who genuinely want to help, respecting people and providing both dignity in care and independence – no-one is treated any less with us, simply because they may need live-in care.

We would love to hear from you about your requirements. Give us a call on 0800 0753 420 to chat to us, we’d be more than welcome to assist you.

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