What Happens When Technology Fuses with Biology?

For many people across the globe, technology is the saving grace. It is helping millions of people in Africa to survive with diseases, it is helping babies to avoid infant mortality in the poor and rich worlds, and it is helping the self-optimizers and experimenters a chance to look at their own biology to increase efficacy and general wellbeing.

Over the next article, we are going to talk about some of these technologies. Some of them are wearable devices and some of them are other tools that can allow you to get the most results from your money. This will not only be fun and cool to buy, but they will give you feedback that allow you to change your health and (hopefully) improve your life for the long-term.

#1. Oura Ring – the oura ring is a wearable tracking device that provides sleep and stress data for people who are wearing it. Those who are using the Oura ring tracking device find that it is a powerful tool that is also quite accurate. According to some of the evidence, the Oura ring is a tool that has a lot of reliability. A sleep study by the Stanford Research Institute found that the device was 60 – 95% as accurate as the major sleep studies.

This is way better than some of the other sleep tracking applications that do not have very much reliability or success. At a fairly affordable cost, the Oura ring is a good start even though it is a wearable device and not one implanted within.

#2. Heart rate variability monitor – this is a technology device that has a lot of evidence in its favor. The HRV helps to detect how stressed someone is given a particular situation. If you are feeling highly stressed, the HRV will detect this and help you to calm down using whatever technique works for you. For example, if you are using a nootropic or stimulant like the Neurohacker Qualia tool, you might find that you get stressed.

You can see this using HRV and then reduce the stress response afterwards. This is the best way to use the feedback to alter your biology and increase longevity.

#3. Berkey – want clean water? The Berkey clean water systems have a reverse osmosis tool that allow you to get rid of chlorine, fluoride, and just about any other other substance you’d rather not have in your water. Even though this isn’t something that goes on your body, it impacts water, which certainly influences the way that things affect you.


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