HCG Dieting: How to Mix HCG and How Much to Mix

If you’ve ever heard of the profound weight loss effects of the HCG diet, you may be curious about how to get started. For some would-be dieters, there’s just one thing to hold them back: the preparation.

Unlike other diet plans that involve simple oral supplements, the HCG diet plan will require you to create your own HCG injections. Getting past the basics of self-injection is the easy part; the hard part is knowing how to mix your HCG!

If you’re worried about creating the right mixture, take a deep breath: we’ve gathered the details for you below, so read on to learn the essential steps.

How to Mix HCG

Once you’ve gotten your hands on HCG diet injections, you might be surprised to find that taking this product will require a little DIY setup. Your vial of HCG will come lyophilized or in powder form, as this can help improve HCG’s shelf life and long-term potency.

To prepare your HCG injections, you’ll need to have bacteriostatic water on hand. You’ll also need to prepare a syringe. Before you get started, be sure to wash your hands.

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, open the HCG and bacteriostatic water vials and put them on a flat surface. Draw out some bacteriostatic water according to the dosage of HCG you’ll be taking (see below for details). From there, inject it into the HCG powder, gently swirling the resulting mixture until it forms a clear solution. 

You can use this mixture for up to two months after you’ve created it. However, don’t forget to store it in a refrigerator at all times.

How Much HCG to Mix

In his book Pounds and Inches, HCG diet founder Dr. Simeons listed his original protocol: 125iu per day.

However, this original dosage should be taken as a general recommendation, and most dieters will sit somewhere in a range from 125iu per day to 200iu per day. The specifics will vary based on your age, body weight, and other health conditions.

If you’re not sure how much HCG to take, you should consult a healthcare provider.

Your dosage and the size of your HCG ampoule will dictate the details of the mixture you create in the steps above.

If you have an ampoule size of 1500iu and your desired daily dosage is 125iu, for example, you’ll need 6 cc of bacteriostatic water. If your ampoule size is 200iu, you’ll need 8cc of bacteriostatic water. Refer to this HCG dosage chart for more information.

Get Started With Your HCG Diet Today

Mixing and injecting your own HCG can seem daunting, but it’s worth remembering that practice makes perfect. Though the basic steps above may seem difficult at first, you’ll learn to mix and maintain your HCG in no time with just a little effort! Work with a medical professional to understand your dosage needs today, and take your first steps on your weight loss journey.

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