The Health Advantages Meditation in NYC

Meditation and Yoga might seem alike to many, but in actual sense, they are different. Unlike Yoga that involves sitting in a fixed position for a specific period of time, meditation focuses on the power of the mind.

Yoga offers numerous health benefits, it aids in the development of both physical and mental health. It is also a good technique in enhancing body flexibility. Although Meditation in NYC can be incorporated while practicing yoga, this doesn’t still eliminate the fact that they have different approaches.

How Meditation Works

Meditation is done by concentrating on your mind and getting rid of external thoughts, while maintaining a state of awareness.  You can use certain postures, breathing techniques and chants to facilitate a smooth meditation process. While this support tools will help the process, they are not really important.

As a beginner, you should take a meditation class. Better yet, you can invest a video that introduces you to the concept of meditation and teaches you various techniques for facilitating the process. These video tutorials can help you out in mastering the process.

Specific Ways That Meditation Improves Health

There are numerous health advantages of meditation aside the fact that it helps eliminate stress which is a primary cause of most health issues, here are some other benefits of meditation:

  • It increases immunity. It is also believed that meditation help speed up the recovery of cancer patients and it also helps reduce the chances of growing another tumor.
  • It is an effective means of fighting stress
  • It helps in lowering blood pressure and also helps prevent hypertension.
  • It helps in improving blood circulation in the body system.
  • It aids digestion.
  • It helps in maintaining both emotional and mental balance.

How does this work exactly?

Not many understand how meditation works to help achieve health improvement. Cortisol and Adrenaline are stress hormones that tend to increase blood pressure and heart rate, while “feel good” chemicals in the body  like serotonin are secreted when the body is at a relaxed mode help in repairing worn out cells.

How To Use Meditation To Improve Your Health

These are some basic ways you can use meditation to improve your health.

  • Enroll For Meditation Classes: Chances are pretty low that you will find a meditation class in your residential area, but you’re more likely to get a yoga group that prioritize meditation during their sessions. Most people prefer participating in groups rather than individual meditation because group classes help them concentrate better, while some love the social platform it presents to share their experiences with others.
  • Video Tutorials : You can easily access meditation tutorial videos via online channels like YouTube. These videos will guide you on how to go about the process. You can also purchase a DVD or subscribe to other available online channels.
  • The 20+ Minutes Rule: Meditating for 20 minutes or more in the morning or evening is good for the health. You can meditate very early in the morning and repeat the exercise just before you sleep.

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