How do I regrow my hair?

Losing hair is one of the many health problems faced by today’s men and women. While men are mostly accepting their hair loss and trying out different hair styles or going for the bald look, it is the women that feel the pressure of the society to grow longer hair and be more ‘presentable’ and with a head full of hair in the society. While nobody agrees that it is right for the people around us to judge, but a lot of women do feel that losing hair makes them less confident.

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Medical miracles to the rescue

Rogaine foam for women foam is the most commonly used over the counter medicine for stopping hair loss in both men and women. A large number of doctors across the world are prescribing this to stop hair loss as well as to increase hair growth. Rogaine typically comes in the form of Minoxidil. It needed to be applied directly to the scalp and kept in for 3-4 hours. One should be very careful while applying Minoxidil. Wash off any excess medicine that may be on your hands as it may cause burning or redness on the hands. The only 1ml of Minoxidil should be applied by adults in case of a topical solution or a capful in case of topical foam.

Each solution comes with a side effect

One must be very careful while using Rogaine as it is highly concentrated. You can apply on the wet scalp as well but need to make sure that of the burning and itching sensation. If it persists or worsens, you need to visit a doctor as soon as possible. Other common side effects of the medicine include unwanted body/ facial hair which were not there before, fainting, chest pain, unusual weight gain, and tiredness. If any of these last long and seem to cause difficulty, consult your doctor regarding changing the dosage altogether.

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