The Most Important Qualities You Should Look for when Planning to Hire a Physician


Nowadays, times have changed when it comes to physician employment and career decisions. More and more physicians are going for the employment route, and private practice physicians are dwindling as we speak. In fact, most doctors who are under 40 years old choose to be employed rather than have their own practice, although most doctors who are over 40 still choose to practice on their own. But if you are looking to hire a physician for your medical or healthcare facility, you should know what to look for when it comes to the proper qualities. It doesn’t make sense to hire a physician just because they are skilled and qualified to find out later on that they weren’t the right fit for the job due to certain negative characteristics or qualities. Here are the most important qualities you should look for when planning to hire a physician.

  • The ability to listen and communicate


As an employer, you should certainly be looking for someone who is qualified. But many employers today are looking at a combination of qualifications and the ability to listen and communicate as well. Your physician’s listening and communication skills are important, more so today when many patients are more savvy and knowledgeable. Look for a doctor who can listen to their patients, invest in their patients’ health, and knows how to properly communicate with their patients about their condition and the treatment or care they need.

  • Good recommendations

Good qualifications and credentials are one thing; good recommendations are another.  When hiring a physician, look for one which can provide you with good recommendations – and take the time to confirm those recommendations by giving the former peer or boss a call.

  • Adaptability to change

The healthcare industry constantly goes through changes, and these changes can be as simple as new recruits or as complex as new systems. Look for a doctor who shows flexibility and a willingness to adhere to change, whether it’s the above-mentioned changes in colleagues or teammates or changes in hospital or organizational policy, changes in schedule, or changes in the volume of patients.

In conclusion

In conclusion, what you should be looking for is a doctor who has the perfect combination of qualities: the right credentials and good, solid experience, the proper abilities when it comes to procedural processes, the right skills in customer service, and the right temperament. In order to make it easier to find the candidate with all these characteristics, you can always turn to a physician recruiter company which has been specializing in physician recruitment for years – they can definitely point you in the right direction.


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