Largest Amount of Cocoa Production in the World

Chocolate, who doesn’t love it? According to the statistics available, we can’t get enough of it. Many places throughout the world grow it and in this article three are going to be reviewed. Nearly 100bn USD is spent per year on buying chocolate.

The Ivory Coast

This is the top producer of cocoa. According to WorldAtlas, it produces 1,448,992 tonnes every year, 30% of the world’s total. It only processes 1/3 of its own cocoa and is aiming to increase that figure to 1/2 in the next few years. 22% of the gross domestic product is cocoa. The first chocolate plant was opened in Abidjan in 2015 by a French company, Cemoi, aiming to encourage the locals to eat chocolate as well as produce it since it is not a natural part of the locals’ diet.

Things to Do

A tour can be taken off the CEMOI Chocolate Factory in Abidjan. In Cocody on the opposite side of the city, there is a newly opened chocolatier, Instant Chocolat, started by bankers in 2015. One of the bankers has been awarded Chocolatier of Ivory Coast, along with Vice-Chocolatier of Africa, and Young Entrepreneur of the Year, 2015. it is worth a visiting to look at and sample their interesting and delicious produce.

There is also a zoo in Abidjan, Zoo Nationale d’Abidjan, just to the north. The usual animals can be seen here but they have over 30 Slender Snouted Crocodiles which are an endangered species and are breeding them with the vision of letting them out into the wild.

Again to the north of Abidjan, there is the Parque de Banco, with local flowers, shrubs and trees and various animals including monkeys, genets, and civets.

Places to Eat and Drink

La Taverne Romaine is the no 1 restaurant according to the TripAdvisor rankings. It is a fine dining Italian restaurant and is famous for its truffle pizza. It is located in the business district and popular with business people.

For those who prefer local food, the Chez Ambroise is the 8th best in Abidjan serving dishes such as poison braise and alloco.

Where to Stay

Villa Anakao in Cocody is TripAdvisor’s no 1 place to stay in this area. It has spacious guest rooms along with a pool and massage room. Travelers give it a 4.5 rating. It is apparently very peaceful and tranquil.



Ghana is second on the WorldAtlas list for Cocoa production. It produces 835,466 tonnes per year. It accounts for 1/6 of Ghana’s gross domestic product.



The cocoa farms in Adjeikrom are famous and have been the subject of several videos. The farms are in rural areas and have got a reputation for creating a good quality product. The stages of pod breaking, fermentation and drying are carried out very carefully.

The village also has historical significance as the birthplace of a freedom fighter, Dr. Ako Ajei, who, along with others, fought for independence. The locals are the Ga people living in their host state, Akim Abuakwa, but are independent of the host state.

Things to Do

Visitors who take the tour of the farms in Adjeikrom will be shown how the crop is grown and maintained. They are then shown how it is picked, the fermentation process and finally how it is dried.

Adjeikrom is overlooked by the Kwahu Escarpment and any active visitor can take a hike up this. It will take 2 hours and has a Difficulty Level of 2. As well a this there is also a bird and butterfly tour lasting 1 hour.

In the evening there is dancing, singing and drumming by a local village troop. This lasts 1.5 hours and must be arranged prior to a visit.

Where to Stay

Near the visitor centre is a guest house. To continue the experience guests can stay in one of its 7 guest rooms. A village cook is available upon request for meals.

For something less rural, the Villa Monticello Boutique Hotel in Accra, the 2nd best according to TripAdvisor, has a Certificate of Excellence also from TripAdvisor. It is stylish, close to the airport with a free shuttle service and also close to an upmarket shopping area.

Places to Eat and Drink

In nearby Accra, Le Chaumiere on Liberation Road is a fine dining restaurant. It is a French restaurant as the name suggests and serves well presented tasty food. The reviews paint it as a gem of a restaurant.



Indian production of chocolate is rather less at 18,000 tonnes and comes in at no 18 in the WorldAtlas rankings. Several places grow cocoa in India, with Andhra producing the most, but many farmers grow several different crops to sustain a living with cocoa only a portion of their total. It is still a new entrant in the cocoa market.



JusTrufs is a chocolate factory in Jakkur, Bangalore, India. It opened its doors in 2001 and specializes in truffles.

Things to Do

The JusTrufs Chocolate Tour shows visitors the way to create Belgian chocolates. The whole process of how the cocoa is grown to how it is manufactured into sweets is shown in great detail.

Visitors can make samples and then take them home to show the family. Don’t forget, if you want to visit JusTrufs, in order to travel to India you will need an India e-visa. Click here now for more information.

Other things to do here are the Jus’Trufs Weekday Chocolate Workshop aimed at families, the Jus Trufs Customised Group Chocolate Tours for companies for team bonding sessions and Jus’Trufs School Trips aimed at schoolchildren to educate them about all things chocolate.

Places to Eat and Drink

The JusTrufs Cafe is a great place for food once the tour is over. Homestyle cooking is the mantra here and advice from a local chef, Chef Dagies, has produced some great dishes. The chilled Chocolate Fudge Milkshake  has been described as “Life changing!”

Chenddyna Schae, chocolatier and owner has trained with some famous people including the Master Chocolatier, the Belgian, Bart Van Cauwenberghe. as a result, the offerings for dessert at the cafe are of high standard and quality. Be prepared to have your mind blown!

Where to Stay

The ITC Windsor, Bengaluru is one of the best in the area at no 4 in the TripAdvisor rankings. It has a Certificate of Excellence and has great food ambiance and great service.

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