Life’s greatest gift is life itself:

Recently there is an increase in the number of fertility clinics in Pune  and other top cities. The reason for this is quality and successful treatments. There is an increase in the fertility complications and treating people has become very complex. Infertility is defined as the inability of a person to help or get conceived. Infertility can happen to both male and female at any age. There is no define human feature for infertility to occur. Infertility cannot be predict but can be determine. A semen analysis test or a vaginal ultrasound test would determine the fertile health of an individual.

A survey conducted for people looking for IVF treatment in Chandigarh, estimated that 60% of the couples do not know they are infertile. Infertility can kick-in at any stage and without a test you cannot determine infertility.

Childbirth can be an overwhelming experience. For a woman who is unprepared for it, this experience can be a life changing event. The pre-natal and post-natal workshops educate future mothers and empower them with essential knowledge about childbirth. General misconceptions and myths regarding various phases of the child birth are dealt with, enabling pregnant women to breathe easy. They believe an aware and a relaxed mother will be in a better position to be part of the whole birthing process.  The childbirth facilities include fully equipped luxury rooms and suites that are ideal locations for the joyous occasion. The pregnancy doctors monitor the birthing situation from start to end, ensuring the best of support and care is extended.

Pregnancy care at any fertility clinic extends beyond childbirth. There are multiple resources to help the new mother get to grips with aspects like lactation, breast feeding support, latching and burping. IVF treatments and other artificial reproductive technologies are a boon to a lot of childless couple who are seeking to become pregnant. Infertility is very common and the advancements in science and technology has evolved to find and provide us the best possible solution. Infertility is not an illness, it is a condition which our reproductive system faces. There is very little or no symptom involved when you are infertile. Only a medical examination can figure out your fertility health.

Do not get embarrassed for infertility issues as it is very common and can affect anyone. Talking to infertility with your family and friends do not make you go low by makes you feel confident and relived.

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