Mike Bishop Chicago Warns about the signs and Treatment of Leukemia

Leukemia is a cancer of the blood or bone marrow and is characterized by an irregular growth of blood cells, typically white blood cells. It has the ability to affect the kidneys, digestive tract, lungs, or other parts of the body and can also cause swelling in the testicles.

Surviving leukemia would mainly depend on the severity of the disease by the time it gets diagnosed. An earlier diagnosis of leukemia would give a better diagnosis as compared to detection at an advanced stage. Understanding which symptoms to look out for would be a great help in receiving the earliest treatment possible.

Listed below are some of the common warning signs of leukemia:

Poor blood clotting: As the blood platelets gets overcrowded by immature white blood cells; the patient may bleed and heal at a very slow rate. In addition to this, the patient may also acquire a small purple or red colored spot on the body referred to as petechiae.

Anemia: Due to the scarcity of the red blood cells, the patient may suffer from anemia which can result in pale colored skin and labored respiration.

Altered Immune System: Leukemia causes altered immune system as the white blood cells in the body are usually repressed or not work correctly.

Pain: Cancers usually accompany pain. In case of leukemia, the pain can be in the joint or bone. In leukemia, the pain is caused by the congestion of blood cells in the bone marrow.

Besides all these symptoms, a patient with leukemia may also suffer from fever, nausea, night sweats, tiredness, weight loss, headache etc.  

Dr. Mike Bishop Chicago focuses in the identification and cure of leukemia and lymphomas. In precise, Dr. Bishop focuses on providing care to the patients with cancers that affect the blood and lymph system that have not answered to basic therapies. An adept in hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, along with the team of professionals, Dr. Bishop is trying to concentrate on the distinctive economic, social, biological and physiological problems that patients meet while going through this therapy.

As a medical oncologist, Dr. Bishop says that in order to treat leukemia, the following treatments and therapies are used such as:

Radiation therapy: This therapy is used to destruct leukemia cells and end the growth of these cells. You may receive radiation in one particular area of your body where there is a group of leukemia cells, or you may receive radiation all over the body. This therapy is also used to get ready for a stem cell transplant.

Stem cell transplant: This procedure is used to replace unhealthy bone marrow with healthy bone marrow. High doses of radiation or chemotherapy therapy are administered before the stem cell transplant procedure starts.

Dr. Mike Bishop Chicago specializes on the inhibition and cure of relapse following stem cell transplantation procedure. As the primary investigator, Dr. Bishop has focused on studies intended to avert and cure disease reappearance after transplantation. Particularly, he focuses on methods in order to improve the transplanted cells immune effects alongside cancer.

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