How Non-surgical Nose Job Works? Will it be successful?


Nose filler or non-surgical nose job or non-surgical rhinoplasty is an aesthetic treatment and is liked my men as well women equally. Influence of celebrity and social media has made it extremely popular these days.

So, how does non-surgical nose job work?

Dermal filler is used below and above the bump on the nose. Additionally, on the tip of the nose too filler is applied and make it look refined and thinner. Then they lift the tip of the nose more by injecting Botox in the depressor nasalis. This is the muscle which keeps on pulling the nose downwards continuously.

Difference between traditional rhinoplasty and nonsurgical nose job?

In a nonsurgical nose job, the patient has less risk, lesser side effects, less downtime, but the results are very similar. In modern days, the nonsurgical nose job has a higher number of options. With dermal fillers, the expert will be able to do more jobs in just five minutes, and there will be no pain. Whereas in rhinoplasty, the recovery time is one month or more and sometimes the results are not what they desired.

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What if the results in nonsurgical nose job are not liked?

Nonsurgical nose jobs are not permanent, so if anyone didn’t like the result, they can wait a couple of months or can have it to be reversed. Whereas, a rhinoplasty is permanent. Nowadays, even the experts use the nonsurgical nose job on patients whose rhinoplasty didn’t give him the perfect result.

How long nonsurgical nose job results remain?

If the nose is not moved too much, then the result can be over 12 to 18 months. The repeat treatments will let it stay longer.

Is nonsurgical nose job safe?

The procedure is done using biodegradable and biocompatible products. Therefore, the procedure is not harmful. These products break down, and the body removes them naturally.

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