Read the signs of liver damage

Healthy liver means healthy life. But for most of you it is just a part of our human body. Therefore, they don’t feel any hesitation in gulping the alcohol again and again.

Do you have any idea how consuming the alcohol on daily basis can affect your liver?

Present as the largest organ, it is completely exposed to what you eat or drink. Its function is to aid the digestion and removing all kinds of toxins. Nonetheless, change in food habits, lifestyles and taking medicines without any reason could leads to its damage. You can definitely help your liver to protect itself by reading the early signs.


The yellowish discoloration of your liver is the very first indication given by your liver. You could easily find it by noticing the yellow skin, color of sclera, eyes, nails and palms too.

Black or white stools

The less elimination of bile pigments results in brown coloration of the stools. Due to liver damage, the stools appear to be chalky white or clay colored. There are also the chances of bleeding.  

Skin becomes oversensitive

In the condition of liver damage, the skin becomes oversensitive and appears to be flaky and itchy. You would also find it to be dry.

Loss of hunger

The liver damage and loss of appetite are directly related. There would not be any urge of hunger that shows the symptoms of liver damage.

Constant vomiting

There is always seen that liver problems result in indigestion and vomiting. This is because liver doesn’t work like the way it has to do.

The best you can do is contact the doctor and take the prescribed medicine on time. Now, the question is where you can find all the medicines. Well, Canada Drugs is the online pharmacy which deals in delivering medicines for all diseases at your home.


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