Side Effects of Taking Retinoids

Although treatment with retinoids is effective, it is not without a certain risk. Usually, all the possible side effects are written in the instructions for the drugs, but in general it is possible to single out what is possible:

  1. Skin color changes.
  2. Irritation and dryness.
  3. Sensitivity to sunlight.
  4. Redness, swelling, the formation of a dry peel or bladder.

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Plan ahead

It takes four to six months for your skin to be used for retinoids. Make sure there are no major events on the horizon in the secure window. Then follow these starting steps.

Consider the summer period

Retinoids usually dry the skin. This way you can start the treatment in the summer because there will be more humidity in the air.

Wax depilation

It is not necessary to practice waxing during treatment with retinoids, they dry the skin, and dry skin is more susceptible to burns. Let your skin “calm down” after the procedures with retinoids and after that you can start waxing. Although I would recommend SHUGARING instead of waxing.

The recommended amount of cream used – the size of the pea

Cleansing creamy agents with alpha-hydroxy acids or salicylic acids are better than granular ones, because of their unnecessary roughness. When using retinoids, avoid sensitive areas such as the lips and upper eyelids. If you feel too sticky, then you have used too many retinoids. Immediately remove excess drug from skin with a clean cloth. Next time use only half of this dose.

Avoid skin irritation

Various creams, facial ointments that you use daily may react with retinoids. For example, those that are based on alcohol, also exfoliating scrubs, astringents, make-up and medical cleansers. Therefore, be careful when using these products with retinoids. Watch for skin irritation, if irritation occurs – determine the source and avoid using this remedy.

Realize the importance of sunscreen

If you are lucky and you live in a sunny region, then every morning, going out into the street, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 or higher. Retinoids, exfoliating dead skin cells, remove the natural protection of the skin from UV rays, so be careful and do not forget about using sunscreen.

Use drugs with retinoids at night

Sunlight can reduce the effectiveness of retinoids, so it is best to use retinoids at night. Wet skin increases the sensitivity of your skin. Therefore, clean your skin 20 minutes before applying the drug to reduce dryness, redness and peeling to a minimum. Use a night moisturizer after applying retinoids. If your skin is too sensitive, use a moisturizer before applying retinoids. And do not worry, it will not jeopardize the results of the procedure.

Short contact method

If after applying the product with retinoids, you feel a burning sensation, then rinse off the product 15 minutes after application. Experts call this the short contact method. This action will provide most of the benefits from the use of retinoids, only slightly reducing its performance.

Do not hurry

Experts suggest using retinol once every three days for at least the first two weeks. Then you can use retinoids every other day for the next two weeks and gradually reach daily use. For people with bright skin and bright eyes, the process may take a little longer, while some may be enough to use retinoids every other day. You must follow the mode of your choice in order to get the maximum benefit from the use of such funds.

Attention should be paid to retinol, the surface of your skin is affected by signs of aging, wrinkles, uneven skin color and apparent loss of elasticity. Studies show that retinol naturally supports healthy skin, and this makes it one of the most attractive skin care ingredients that are used today. If you decide to carry out retinoid procedures, be sure to take the necessary precautions and consider possible side effects. If you are pregnant or are planning a pregnancy in the near future, it is in your interest to avoid using retinoids, because this may cause abnormalities in your unborn child.

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