Skin Tightening Options Following Weight Loss

Losing excess weight is always an excellent idea if you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

People struggling with obesity have a higher chance of developing certain health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and heart attacks and strokes.

Losing the excess weight will very quickly decrease your risk of developing certain illnesses but you will be left with a lot of loose and stretched skin. When you’ve worked hard to lose your excess weight, you naturally want to show off your new body but sagging skin can prevent you from doing this.

Fortunately, there are skin tightening and body sculpting procedures that can help you achieve a shapelier appearance in no time at all.

Skin Tightening as a Necessity Following Weight Loss

When someone gains weight, the skin naturally stretches to accommodate the extra fat and tissue and depending on how much weight you gain, your skin can end up stretching out quite a bit.

Once this excess weight is shed, the skin can only retract and shrink so much, which means most people will end up with loose skin and stretch marks at the end of their weight-loss journey.

The only way to fully regain your confidence after weight loss is to pursue one or several cosmetic surgeries that will leave you with a visually appealing appearance.

Skin Tightening & Reshaping Options

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck will not only reshape your abdominal area but reduce sagging skin too. A tummy tuck is a highly effective and very popular procedure amongst those who have undergone a life event such as pregnancy or have experienced major weight loss.

Arm/Thigh Lift

If most of your sagging skin is present on your arms and thighs, an arm or thigh lift can tighten up these areas and provide a smoother, shapelier appearance. The inner thighs and the upper arms are the areas that are worked on the most during this procedure.

Breast Reduction/Lift

For women, the size and shape of their breasts can also change following weight loss but a breast lift or reduction can make the breasts look firm and perky once again. Reputable plastic surgery facility such as breast reduction clinic in Brisbane will not only be able to remove the excess skin but contour and lift the breasts too, something that can make a huge difference to your weight loss results and your confidence.

Male Breast Reduction

Women are not the only patients who need work done on their chests after weight loss. Countless men who lose a significant amount of weight will also be left with a lot of excess skin across their chests but a male breast reduction surgery can make the chest look more defined again.

Body Lift

Many people at the end of their weight loss journeys need more than one procedure to regain a shapelier appearance, which is when a body lift can help. During a body lift, the entire lower body is worked on, which means several procedures are performed at once.

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