Special Ways that You Can Use to Improve Your Brain IQ


Are you worried that the results from your IQ assessment might be low and could close the door to the dream job or promotion? It is true that almost every industry today is using brain IQ testing to ensure that only those with high intellectual abilities work are hired. However, all is not lost because it is possible to improve the score. Keep reading to learn about the special methods that you can use to improve your IQ and stand out from the rest. 

A Closer Look at Brain IQ

IQ, shortening for Intelligence Quotient, is the assessment of an individual’s intellectual intelligence and potential. It is measured through standardized testing, which is done by a certified medical professional in Hong Kong. A score of around 100 is considered the average IQ, and more than 90% of the people on the globe fall in this group. Those who score above 130 are considered to be of high intelligence, while a low score of less than 70 indicates the possibility of intellectual-related disorder. 

How to Improve Your Brain IQ

Human intelligence can be broadly grouped into two; categorized intelligence that is mainly associated with abstract reasoning and crystallized intelligence, which deals with intellectual skill development. These two categories of intelligence can be impacted by both environmental and genetic factors, such as parental IQ, home life, nutrition, education, and genes. Therefore, here are some of the main activities that you can use to enhance your IQ

  • Memory Activity 

Using memory activities is very helpful when trying to improve your IQ in Hong-Kong. Indeed, it not only helps with memory but will greatly improve language and reasoning skills. Some common activities that you should consider are: 

  • Crossword puzzle. 
  • Sudoku. 
  • Jigsaw puzzles. 
  • Card matching games. 
  • Activities for Executive Control 

The term executive control indicates a person’s capability to control cognitive events. It is considered part of executive function, implying that it also includes regulations and management. Researchers indicate that executive function is mainly associated with fluid reasoning. Activities that you can do to improve executive function include: 

  • Brainteasers. 
  • Pictionary. 
  • Scrabble. 
  • Red light, green light. 
  1. Learn How to Play a Musical Instrument 

 You do not have to think of becoming the next big musician on the globe, but learning how to play a musical instrument comes with many benefits. Sure, it is entertaining, but more importantly, it is a proven method of improving a person’s brain IQ. Even if you already know how to play the guitar, consider grabbing another instrument and learn how it works. 

  • Use Visualspatial Reasoning Skills 

Visual-spatial reasoning involves the mental procedures that are associated with physical presentations. In one of the studies, researchers established that enhancing visual-spatial reasoning can help to raise IQ levels. Researchers recommend executive control and memory-enhancing activities to improve visual-spatial reasoning. 

  • Learn a New Language 

Today, more than 50% of the global population is bilingual. This is actually a good thing because studying multiple languages is useful in improving IQ. In one of the recent studies that looked at the relationship between learning a new language and IQ, researchers concluded that using talk and interactions is good for cognitive functions. Although you can learn a language at any time, researchers recommend that such learning should start early in life for more effects on IQ. 

As more parties, from schools to corporate organizations, continue adopting the use of brain IQ in their operations, it is crucial to target the highest score all the time. To do this, you need to start by visiting a brain testing expert in Hong Kong. Here, you will be tested and given recommendations to help improve the score. With a professional on your side, you can never you wrong.

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