Studies Show Why E-Cig Flavors Shouldnt Be Banned

Since E-Cigs were developed back in 2003, there has been a increase across the globe in those who use E-Cigs as opposed to smoking regular cigarettes. The first e-cig was invented by a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik and most e-cigs have continued to be made in China.

Most vapers who use e-cigs were likely smokers at one time and decided to make a switch to what is thought to be a safer alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. With the increase in smokers who have turned to the alternative of using e-cigs, the smokers who were addicted to cigarettes would be choosing the low risk nicotine alternative such as an e-cigarette.

It has been shown in study after study the dangers of smoking actual cigarettes whether it be regular full flavored cigs or menthol flavored cigarettes. Both are very bad for one’s health and by having a nicotine alternative, one that offers multiple flavors such as an e-cig, it is a lower risk nicotine option.

Smoke carries vastly larger quantities of the things that cause cancer as opposed to vapor. According to studies that have been conducted so far, even though it’s new research, science shows vaping has not been shown to have serious or widespread harms that have been proven. According to the Surgeon General’s report in 2014, it showed that about 16 million Americans suffer from some smoking related disease and 480,000 of them dying each year.

There are different forms of cancer that can be caused by smoking and those include:

*Blood (leukemia



*Esophagus and trachea

*Colon and rectum


*Kidney and renal pelvis





*Mouth and throat

According to studies, nicotine itself has not been shown to cause cancer, whether it be in regular cigarettes or in e-cigs. The studies have shown no proven link between nicotine and cancer. The cancers that are caused from smoking are cause by the combustion of tobacco. The smoke will from tar, which is a sticky chemical that coats parts of the lungs. Over time this creates damage by the tar and can lead to tumor growth. The NCI (National Cancer Institute) states that most of the cancer causing substances is from the tar that comes from cigarette smoke. E-cigarettes however do not produce tar, they do not burn tobacco or any other plant material. Studies have shown that the cancer danger of vaping is about that of using a nicotine patch or gum.

Smoking actual cigarettes will raise triglycerides and also lower the good cholesterol known as HDL. the buildup of plaque comes from calcium, fat and other substances in blood vessels. It can constrict blood vessels as well as constricting them causing damage to the cells that line them.

There have been studies done that show the danger in banning e-cig flavors. By restricting the availability of these flavors included in Cheap E-Juice, it will prevent many smokers who smoke actual cigarettes from switching to safer alternatives like e-cigs and also will likely drive a lot of the former smoker back to smoking. The thought is that by banning the flavors of e-cigs that it will discourage kids from smoking all together. However it will have negative consequences by making them unavailable to adults. Data that has been collected in studies has shown that by making flavors unavailable to those who prefer to use e-cigs and by making it available to those who smoke regular cigarettes, it would decrease the use of vaping and e-cigs by more than 10%. Studies show strong preferences to all types of e-cigarettes and that recent quitters prefer fruit and sweet flavored e-cigarettes as opposed to regular e-cigarettes without any kind of flavor to go with them. Cheap E-Juice being made available to recent quitters is a good way to help them stick to using e-cigarettes. If flavored e-cigarettes were made unavailable it would likely cause previous smokers to go back to smoking cigarettes.


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