Tech-ing over Fitness and Wellness in Singapore

Singaporeans prefer tech-ing over fitness & wellness. Pure Group Singapore, the company that operates wellness brands Pure Yoga & Pure Fitness, conducted a nationwide survey wherein they assessed fitness routine, diet and nutrition, use of technology and focus on mental wellness of a thousand respondents. A majority of Singaporeans reported having no daily fitness routine. In other words, less than half of the populace in the country has an active lifestyle.

Most Singaporeans would rather spend their leisure time on the couch and watch Netflix than hit the jogging trails or go to a gym. There has been some interest in yoga and wearable tech that enables people to track their fitness but there is a severe lack of motivation and time among most young adults and middle aged professionals. They simply do not want to join a gym, go running or do yoga. They do not have the time and they do not have any specific fitness goal. This is quite alarming as obesity has become a serious health problem around the world. Most developed countries are battling obesity, not just among the ageing populace but also among the young. There is a bit of silver lining though as far as Singaporeans are concerned.

A majority of people in the country prioritize healthy eating. They are aware of the importance of eating healthy meals, especially home cooked foods. In a way, Singaporeans are compensating for the lack of exercise, workout or an active lifestyle with balanced diets and sufficient nutrition. This does not completely counter the ill effects of an inactive lifestyle but does to an extent help prevent several types of health problems. Singaporeans acknowledge the fact that they should work out more often and those who do not have a fitness routine understand the importance of having one but there does not seem to be any urgency to make a change.

There is no dearth of fitness centers across the city state. Most gym memberships and other programs are quite reasonably priced but citizens are still not being able to overcome the time constraints. Yet, there has been a steady rise in the popularity of wearable tech. Singaporeans are also receptive to online fitness programs. One of the positive revelations of the survey conducted by Pure Group Singapore is how citizens are prioritizing mental wellness. Many people meditate or indulge in some activity that would relieve stress and help them unwind. Clearly, Singaporeans know and believe that feeling good is just as important, if not more, than looking good.

As industries evolve and various professions undergo substantial transformations in the midst of disruptions in economies around the world, time constraints may continue to be a problem and lack of motivation may not be overcome easily unless an individual is at a health risk due to lack of exercise. The government wants a healthier nation and it is more important now than ever before because we have an ageing population. Perhaps, Singaporeans will realize the plethora of benefits of shunning tech-ing over fitness and wellness to start working out regularly.

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