Technological Breakthroughs in Medicine You May Be Able To Ask Your Doctor about in 2020

In almost every single day, medicine sees mind-blowing innovations coming through. Talk of mind-reading exoskeletons, 3D printed drugs, digital tattoos, and RFID implants for recreational purposes. Medicine is an industry that keeps on improving, with its demand being quite significant. As 2020 approaches, there are some great ideas and developments that might define the future of medicine. In as much as no one can predict the future, we can take a glimpse. That said, come 2020, the following are some technological breakthroughs you might ask your local family doctor

Is it possible to end up being recreational cyborgs?

There are famous real-life cyborgs examples already, and with dozen of innovations coming up, that won’t be restricted to the terrain of sci-fi movies alone. Expect to see cyborgs as more and more people start to implant devices and technologies in their bodies trying to look cooler. With advancements in the future of medical technology, physical disadvantages such as impaired eyesight won’t be the only thing repaired. We might witness the creation of superhuman powers like having eagle eyesight and the hearing of a bat. Some trends like hearing aids powered by artificial intelligence, multilingual earbuds, and RFID chips are pointing towards that direction.

Delivering medical supplies using a drone

Don’t be surprised if you find yourselves asking your local family doctor if some supplies are already in via a drone. Already, there is a trial program called flight forward to test the use of autonomous drone deliveries of critical medical samples such as blood and tissue. The distributions will be between two branches of a hospital. The invention of these drones is expected to play a crucial role in the medical industry by carrying out deliveries of urine, blood, and tissue samples. Other medical essentials like drugs and transfusable blood could be included, as well.  

Printing 3D drugs

3D printing is on the rise, and now you can easily print guns, bars of chocolates, among others. Also, the biotechnology industry is even working on printing out living cells. With that in mind, why would it be a surprise if, come next year, you’ll be asking for a 3D printed drug from your doctor? It’s something logical and is already happening. 

Having an ultrasound in your pocket

At the moment, there are over 4 billion people in the world without access to medical imaging. This population could benefit massively from Butterfly iQ, which is a handheld ultrasound device. It’s a gadget that connects to an iPhone app and can be carried anywhere. This ultrasound invention is set to make scanning more routine. 

The medical industry sees many innovations every day to make our life much more comfortable and safer. This technological progress is something we can all benefit from, and we must spread these trends. Everyone has the right to access health care, and if all these innovations can’t save lives, then they are as good as nothing. The future of health care is quite bright, and starting in 2020 we might start seeing some remarkable breakthroughs we never thought were possible.

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