How to Tell If the CBD You Are Using Is Pure or Not

Ever since many states made using CBD for medical purpose legal, more and more people are interested in how useful CBD can be. For anybody who does not know, CBD is the acronym for cannabidiol, which comes from hemp plant. Unlike other psychoactive substances, CBD comes with many therapeutic properties minus the psychoactive or addictive properties. This is majorly why it is making to the medical industry these days.

While many have educated themselves about the medical conditions where CBD can be used, many people still don’t know that there can be quality concerns as well while buying CBD. Most people would visit two or three websites, read through the website a bit, and make the purchase. However, there are a number of factors that would help you figure out whether or not the CBD that you buy is pure or not. Here’s a list of the factors that work as a quality check for CBD.

1. Make sure your CBD comes from organic hemp

The first thing to address is that your CBD comes from organic hemp plant. Try to avoid buying CBD made from cannabis; stick to hemp plant. Now, the reason why it is important to buy CBD made from organic hemp is because hemp that is not grown by organic means might have many harmful chemicals in it. Buy CBD that is made from organic hemp grown in states or countries with very strict regulations about growing hemp.

2. Look for full spectrum CBD oil

If you are taking CBD oil for medical reasons, it is important that the CBD oil does not contain THC at all in it. Even if there is THC, it should be less than 0.3 percent. Buying Organic CBD products Dayton TX is one way of making sure that the CBD oil you buy only contain THC in trace amounts. It should be so less that it shouldn’t get detected in a drug test. However, the presence of a little bit of THC (less than 0.3 percent) makes your CBD oil more effective. Our endocannabinoid system better when there are multiple cannabinoids present in the oil. So, the presence of THC in trace amounts wouldn’t be a problem at all.

3. The extraction processes

Companies use two kinds of extraction processes for extracting CBD from hemp plant- butane extraction and CO2 extraction. Butane extraction is pretty cheap as compared to CO2 extraction. However, through butane extraction, many a times other undesirable chemicals would become a part of the end product as well. Even though CO2 extraction is an expensive affair, it ensures that the CBD oil you get out of this process is clean, pure, and free of any undesirable chemicals.

4. Free of pesticides and solvents

When buying CBD oil, make sure your CBD oil comes from a trusted brand and does not contain pesticides, herbicides, or solvents. To check these factors, you have to go through the website of the product and see if there are any lab test results. You can even request a lab test or even get a third-party lab test done. Brands that are worth trusting would be ready to show you lab test results. This makes the product even more credible to be used.

5. Make sure the CBD oil is decarboxylated

When we talk about pure CBD oil, one of the measures that are taken to make the CBD oil pure is the process of decarboxylation. With the help of decarboxylation, any cannabinoids present in your CBD extract, like CBDa and THCa is converted into CBD and THC. the process tackles the ‘a’ in these compounds and turns them into useful compounds like CBD and THC.

While brands don’t directly state their CBD oil is decarboxylated, here again, to figure it out, you will have to go through the lab tests. In the lab tests, you should take a look at the ingredients. If you see CBDa and THCa in the list, make sure the amount of CBDa present is extremely less than CBD and the amount of THCa is extremely less than THC. That way you would know that the oil has been decarboxylated, because of which the amounts of CBDa and THCa drastically comes down.

These are some of the criteria that you need to check before you buy CBD oil. One important tip is to stay away from cheap CBD oil. While cost might be a concern, when CBD oil is too cheap, it indicates that the company has not manufactured CBD oil using the best measures. If you are too conflicted whether the CBD oil you are buying is of high quality or not, you can even talk it out with a doctor. you would be able to have some options and then make a comparison.


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