The Benefits Of Sculptra Butt Lifting Procedure That You Must Know About

There are many ways to get rounded and firm butts. However, technological advancements have made a way for stunning non-surgical procedures that are carried out with the help of injections. And Sculptra is one of the best Clinique anti aging non surgical butt lift procedure that’s getting popular day by day. It’s a wonderful medical procedure that needs no recovery time and is the least painful. So, if you’re considering to get a butt upliftment surgery, you might want to consider butt upliftment injections, but only by reputed clinics and experienced doctors.

5 Benefits Of Sculptra That You Should Be Aware Of

Sculptra is a butt shaping, firming, and volumizing procedure that involves injecting fruit acids in the buttocks for stimulating dormant collagen in order to increase the formation of new plump cells. PLLA or Poly-L-lacticacid is the injected biostimulant that has the property of invoking new life in collagen. And collagen increases the butt volume naturally and makes the skin firm because the new cells are young and tight. And some of the best benefits of Sculptra that you must know about are given below.

  1. Sculptra is an economical nonsurgical procedure because the effects are long-lasting. Also, the maintenance is not frequent. Just 1 visit a year is sufficient to let the results sustain for about 2 years
  2. This procedure is least susceptible to giving allergies or infection when it is carried out by experienced doctors in hygienic conditions
  3. Since it’s painless, it doesn’t have a long recovery time. You’re good to go to work the same day, as long as not advised against by the doctors
  4. Sculptra doesn’t have any immediate serious side-effects. And most of them are limited to temporary scarring, pigmentation, and swelling that can be taken care of very easily
  5. This procedure is one of the best ways to give the hips a natural fuller appearance and not the noticeable unnatural look. It is because this procedure doesn’t involve the insertion of implants that are painful, surgically done, and take longer to heal

Consideration That Increase The Chances Of Best Results

There are many factors that determine the success rate of Sculptra. And the most important one that you should know about, as a patient, is listed below.

  • Sculptra works best for women between 25-45 years of age. Older women in their late ‘50’s do not get the same results that are seen in comparatively younger women. Thus, always discuss the effectiveness of the procedure with your doctor in detail

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