Is it true that you can increase your penis size by losing some weight?

One of the most common issues for a lot of men, rightly or wrongly, comes from the size of their penis. It’s easy to find yourself looking in the mirror and just wishing you had another couple of finger-lengths on top of what you have at the moment. People tend to go through all manner of weird ways to try and increase penis length, too.

You can find people go to things like stretching, pumping and surgical precision. If you want to try and make a natural difference to the size of your penis, though, weight loss is worth considering.

While it may not seem it just now, weight loss is actually pretty heavily linked to how your penis size changes.

Many people who have penis problems tend to find that it can stem – in some way at least – from weight gain. If you are someone who has put on weight and has noticed a change in girth, then you may be right to wonder if they are linked.

However, it is fair to say that some people over-estimate how this works. Losing a lot of weight might help, but what does the actual scenario involve? How does it change?

Weight Loss and Girth Gain

So, if you decide to lose some weight then you can already feel good about your decision to make a positive life change. Good for you. Not enough people make this vital change in life, and the sooner that you can do so the more you will be able to get from the experience.

However, it’s important to note that losing weight isn’t going to magically have you wrapping your penis around your leg. What happens is that you will be able to produce more space for your genitals to have more visibility and prominence on the body. By getting rid of some of that garish fatty tissue, especially around the belly and abdomen, then you can make it look like you have a larger penis.

It’s all a bit of a visual trick, though. You won’t just add on inches simply by losing weight. It does, though, make it more obvious and stand-out. It should give you all the help that you need to make yourself feel more confident, too, which changes posture. By changing posture, you immediately make your weight loss more apparent and thus make your penis more prominent.

With this in mind, though, please take the time to note that other factors will impact on the size of your penis. From the room temperature being a bit chilly to the way that you feel in that moment in time, many reasons play a part. If you are stressed out over work and have just spent all day meeting deadlines and feeling under pressure, don’t be shocked that your little general perhaps looks a little less impressive than you might have been hoping for that day!

Make no mistake, though; losing weight can only be a good thing for your phallic health.

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